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SlingBang's News

Posted by SlingBang - March 28th, 2022

After many fan requests for skin color choices for Sukhon, I finally started.

I put it off for years because of the tedious repetitive work required and overall time/art requirements of hundreds of images. Then, in Feb, I got really busy at my real job, which meant I didn't even have clear-headed mornings to code anymore... just the tired evenings. I figured I'd have to slow down on my games entirely, but then had an idea: Why not do the Skin-Colors now? It is perfect for low-energy work-periods.

I've worked 3 weeks on it so far. I've chosen 6 colors: Peach, Original, Sand, Caramel, Espresso, and Obsidian. I had to redesign the layers. I used to have a makeup and no-makeup layer but I expanded that into skinColor, SkinEffect, and SkinShine layers. This will allow the shine and effect to apply to any skin color. Also, it 'could' allow for things like Freckles, Vitiligo, Tattoos... much later of course!

So far, I've recolored about 14 images: bodyTop, bodyBot, frontArm, backArm, breasts, bum, legs, neck, femaleInternal, hands, mouths, noses... Including the animations that's over 200 new images! So, the file size is already 12MB larger. Here's an image using Peach skin color without makeup:


Of course I'm only showing art that is finished. There is still easily 50% to do, including the back view, pregnancy, and other 'patching' layers, but it's going well. There will also be a fair bit of touch-ups to do on the darker skin colors as can be seen in this image, using Espresso:


Overall, I'm quite pleased and surprised how well it's going... Might even be ready by June! I'll keep you updated on my progress.


Posted by SlingBang - December 22nd, 2021

I recently noticed that I haven't released a game this year, in 2021. Yet, I've been working more on my games this year than any before, but it's all been updates ( 9 months on Sukhon reloaded alone ) for Patrons. Also, with Flash finally being shot in the back of the head, it really was time to get onto HTML and Javascript games. I have spent about 6 months working on a 'learning' game. A sequel to Sleeping Woman ( which interestingly, was my 'learning' game for Flash ) Similar in style, an undressing game, with no animation, but I'd like to think the art has improved. Here's a preview:


I really want to get this game released before 2022, meaning I've got... 2 weeks left! It'll be pretty basic: A short story, Undressing, Rubbing, Vaginal insertion, internal and external cumshots, some items... the bare minimum I can call a game, but I plan to keep updating it for the next 6 months, as I usually do with my games.

The game will be free to play. I will include content for Patrons, but it'll likely be access to items or bonuses faster. Anyways, I must say It's been quite a challenge learning to use html-js for gaming, but I really hope I can get the game done it time!

Merry Christmas and I hope to be back before New Years!


Posted by SlingBang - July 22nd, 2021

Relevant to both 'Sukhon Somporn in Thailand' and 'Sukhon Reloaded'

Rare items were added as a bonus for playing the game multiple times, so are extremely hard to find, likely will require multiple game play-throughs, and still appear mostly at random. Rare Items are permanent, and will not be erased if you erase your game on the start screen. ( They will be gone if the browser or windows deletes your savefiles, so back-up your savefile ) Instead, they will re-appear in the Market after you buy the item in front of it. Also, any Rare items your hired women find (in Sukhon Reloaded Only) will transfer to Sukhon when you erase the game as well.

Rare Items likely will not benefit you when you find them, but rather in future play-throughs, giving bonuses to Sukhon when she is just starting out. Below are some details on each Rare item. Trigger means what you must do during a sex-event to unlock the rare. Chance is how likely it is to unlock. Benefit is what you get once it is unlocked, purchased and equipped.

Cell Phone:

Trigger: when a Client appears.

Chance: 1/300 or 0.333%.

Cost: 600 Upgrade point. Reduced to 60 if purchased in previous game.

Benefit: Once each day, it will automatically call a client if you can't find a customer that hour.

Cow Bell:

Trigger: Each time you have gangbang sex.

Chance: 1/300 or 0.333%.

Cost: 650 Upgrade points. Reduced to 65 if purchased in previous game.

Benefit: Will change all sex offers into gangbangs.


Trigger: When you change any clothing item, but only once per customer.

Chance: 1/500 or 0.2%.

Cost: 450 Upgrade points. Reduced to 45 if purchased in previous game.

Benefit: Will keep your Freshness at 100% all day long.

Makeup Kit:

Trigger: Every hour you are wearing makeup.

Chance: 1/500 or 0.2%.

Cost: 550 Upgrade points. Reduced to 55 if purchased in previous game.

Benefit: Will re-apply your selected makeup style, including all bonuses, every day for free.

--- Below are new Rares only in Sukhon Reloaded. Added in ver.1.36 ---

Fox Tail:

Trigger: Each time you have any back-sex.

Chance: 1/400 or 0.25%.

Cost: 500 Upgrade points. Reduced to 50 if purchased in previous game.

Benefit: Will change back-sex offers into pussy-sex with internal cumshot AND give +25% pregnancy chance.


Trigger: Each time you have any oral sex.

Chance: 1/500 or 0.2%.

Cost: 400 Upgrade points. Reduced to 40 if purchased in previous game.

Benefit: 25% Confidence bonus.

Posted by SlingBang - April 3rd, 2020

---------------------------------- StreetWalker Game Guide ----------------------------------

Game is here: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/751433

There are 2 playable storylines so far in StreetWalker. However, other than the main mission in each story, there's a large amount of 'not-obvious-to-find' content, and the game is fairly open-ended. Along with the clunky interface I poorly designed, this can cause aimless wandering and confusion. So, I've made a game guide. If you LIKE taking your time to figure out things on your own, you WILL be fine, but if you want a faster game experience this guide is for you.

Starting with the Peasant storyline: Items in brackets are a (Button) you click. Often, the first button is in the center of the screen, while the second button is in the bottom-right corner. If there are no buttons to click, first click the Black-Border section of the map to show the buttons.

Town: Buy 5 food (Food Stand) + (Buy 5 Food) and give the food to your mother (Talk to NPC) + (Offer Food). You MUST give your mother food EVERY time you want to move the story forward, so keep buying food! Once you've given her food four times, she will introduce Billy. To have sex with Billy click (Look Around) + (Have Sex)

Sex Event: Clicking on the circle icons at the top left starts a customer of that type. Currently, you only have one option. So, click the Human icon to call Billy, then click it AGAIN to show his sex-moves. This will make sense once you have multiple customers on the screen at once. Choose the Handjob. Billy moves to the right-side and you can change the stroking speed with the arrow keys. On Tier $5 you can click (Cum Alt) to have a facial cumshot. Afterwards, click (End Sex) to go back to the town.

Town: (Talk to NPC) and (Offer Food) Billy wants more sex, but FIRST go to the (Clothing) + (Clothes) + (Peasant). In here you can click (Remove it) to fully undress and (Wear it) to put on every item in this clothing set. (Next Clothes) or (Prev Clothes) will cycle through all the individual pieces and you can wear or remove them as you please. Removing the crotch allows you to have vaginal sex while still wearing the skirt. Note: You CAN walk around naked but outside of Quest-Sex-Events, your chance of getting arrested increases by 25% or more. Note: If the button-menu and image of your mother has disappeared, click the Black-Border area on the Map image to bring up your button choices again. click (Look Around) + (Have Sex) to meet Billy again. Note: if the text reads: You walk around, making eye-contact with potential customers... You didn't click (Talk to NPC) and (Offer Food) to your mother. It means you are trying to pick up customers and get paid. However, to UNLOCK more sex-moves you need to finish the 'Billy-Sex-Events' so I'm going to do that path in this guide.

Sex Event: Your Happiness or Attitude is shown on the top-right. You need different amounts of Happiness for each sex-act. Some sex-acts GIVE you happiness. Click the Human face-circle to call Billy, Click it again to show options. Notice there are MORE than last time. Choose 'Finger Vagina' and notice Happiness is increasing. Once it stops increasing, choose it again or choose 'Finger Ass'. If you find the text-bubble comments annoying, you can turn comments off at the bottom-right. If you have removed the Peasant Crotch, you can choose Vaginal Sex once you reach 6 Happiness. If you are on Tier $1 or higher, clothing items will turn red when you mouse-over, and you can click to remove them. Notice that you lose some Happiness each time you remove clothing. Ensure you have 6 Happiness before choosing Vaginal Sex or you'll fail the sex-event. If you DO fail, just try it again. There is NO penalty for failure in the Billy storyline. You can change speed with the arrow buttons, and Tier $5 can choose an external cumshot on her back.

Town: Now's a good time to explain the Buttons. If you can't see any buttons, click the Black-Border area to show them:

(Look Around) So far, this has started the Billy-Mission-Sex-Event, but for most of the game it means you are trying to attract a PAYING customer. Attraction rates are affected by ALL your stats so let's take a look now

(Your Stats) show details about yourself. Some are static like age, weight, height, and Face. Other can be modified like measurements, cleanliness, and attitude. Click (Convert) to switch from Metric to 'American' if you want. All the stats combine to equal your Total Beauty. If it is below 10 you will not be able to attract customers outside the Slums! Try to (Reroll Stats) until they are at least above 10, but be careful, you only have 10 rerolls and the game auto-saves! Each Tier level gives a +10% bonus to stats, so Tier $5 would roll on average 40~60 Total Beauty. However, this is the ONLY part of the game that is more difficult on the lower tiers. Anyways, the MOST important stats to consider are AGE and Height! These cannot be changed and count for almost 25% of your beauty. So, try to get the tallest, youngest result, with over 10 Total Beauty. Note: this is NOT TRUE in reality. People have wide ranges of what they find attractive, but the game is based on math...You can increase Beauty later with clothing and surgery. For fun, choose a (New Name) This has NO effect on the game at all, so play with it as much as you like.

(Inventory) All the items you have. There are Two types. Static items like your World Map and HP Potions are used when you click them, or when a quest needs them. Fluid items like Condoms can be toggled On or Off with the (Use Item) button, will be used during sex events, mostly. They will run out, and need to be re-purchased.

(Food Stand) You can purchase food and will consume 1 food each night. You will auto-buy food locally each night if you have none. So far that is irrelevant because you haven't left the Slums, but in other areas, food and goods costs can be up to FIVE times as expensive as what you pay in the slums, so stock up before travelling!

(Talk to NPC) So far the NPC has just been your mother. However, many locations have an NPC. For example:

Market: Slippy the Thief: LATER, when your Affiliation is -10, he will teach you how to steal Food, Clothes, Potions...

Beach: Oceana: Sells Swank clothing, Eye Colors, change skin color, and a public shower...

Barracks: Guard: Sells Armor and Tattoos...

Slums: Your Mother. Moves the main storyline forward and allows the Billy-Sex-Events, which unlock all Sex-Moves!

(End Day) Firstly, the day auto-ends at 3am. Each action you do, location you travel to, and most buttons you click, moves time forward an hour, from 8pm~3am. Sex events use time based on sex-acts chosen and number of customers. You MUST eat and sleep when the day ends, so if you are NOT in a location where you rented an apartment you will pay for an expensive hotel or sleep in an alley, losing Health! This easily happens at the start of the game when you have limited money. For example: You move to the Market at 12:00 and start a sex-event, which ends at 3:00 and you're sleeping on the street and eating garbage, losing 25 Health! So, clicking (End Day) in the Slums will ensure you sleep at home and eat cheap food, losing no Health at least until you can afford to travel safely!

(Clothing) There are over 150 wearable items in the game and I REALLY didn't design this well... but...

In the (Clothing) menu there are 3 choices: (Clothes) (Hair Style) and (Other).

Clicking (Clothes) shows (Wardrobe) which returns to the main screen, (Peasant) (Next Group) and (Prev Group). Currently, you ONLY have Peasant clothing so (Next Group) and (Prev Group) cycle through empty clothing sets. Eventually, you WILL have Pirate, Swank, and Soldier clothing items and can access them with (Next Group) and (Prev Group). Once you click (Peasant) you can change your Peasant clothing. The first choice is 'Full Peasant' which allows to you remove or wear ALL clothing pieces in this set. Once you click (Next Clothes) or (Prev Clothes) you can individually choose which item to wear or remove. When finished click (Wardrobe) to return to the main screen.

(Hair Style) shows all the hair styles you've purchased. (Next Clothes) or (Prev Clothes) cycles through the list...

(Other) holds eye colors, jewelry, tattoos, and other accessories you find or buy.

(Apartment) or (Apt Rented) This button shows the apartment status for THIS location. If you don't have an apartment here, you can rent one. You can rent 3 apartments total in the city, which allows you to work in higher paying locations, without paying hotels or travelling home each night. Once you have an apt you will auto-pay rent every week, either from your bank-account or cash. If you can't pay, you get evicted and suffer a credit-rating drop. You can also take a bath at your apartment which refills your Cleanliness. (an important factor in your overall Beauty)

So, back to the storyline. First click (End Day) and then travel to the Docks. Click the South Green-Border ~beach~ or East Green-Border ~Market~ and then the South-East Green-Border to find the Market. Talk the the (Fish Monger) to buy drugs. Buy 3 (Happy Pills) for $25 so you have enough remaining for food. Be sure to enter the (Inventory) and toggle ON your Happy Pills (Use Item). Return to the Slums and buy more food to get your mother to progress the story further. If you are already broke, click (Look Around) to find a paying customer and earn some money first. Billy will bring along his buddy, Lizard this time, allowing your first gangbang.

Sex Event: Each different 'class' of partner can have sex at the same time but some actions conflict. Click the Human circle and set him to Pussy Fingering. Now, click the Lizard circle and set it to Pussy Licking. Notice the Human can no longer do fingering. Set the Human to Handjob. You can change back and forth between the Human and Lizard by clicking their circles if you want to change their individual sex-speeds and later sex-moves. Once both have orgasmed, end the sex event.

Town: At this point you should be nearly out of money, so will need to (Look Around) to find paying customers. You have only unlocked a few sex-moves however, so it's possible the customer will want a sex-act you can't perform. This is OK. You get paid a BONUS if you fulfill their desired sex-act but pass the sex-event as long as all customers have an orgasm.

Once you have more money, buy food for your mother and then learn Anal Sex from Billy

Sex Event: Click the Lizard circle and choose Face Licking to raise your Attitude. You can keep selecting this to raise your Attitude as high as needed. Set the Human to Fingering and when you have 8 Attitude, do Anal. Set the Lizard to Ass-Rub or Pussy Licking to finish.

Town: At this point you might notice the text is getting cut off at the bottom of the text-window. You can click the text-window to see a larger version of it, in case you want to see previous text-logs which is useful at day end as multiple messages may have been created. Click again to close it. You can also click the Outfit tab to close it, which reveals there are 2 other tabs there as well: Ratings and Medals. Open the Ratings tab by clicking it to see how you're doing in all aspects of the game. Click the middle of the open tab to close it. The Medals tab show the 26 medals working so far. Mouse-over shows the name and value. Once you unlock a few medals you can spend the points:

1 point = $100 which might be very helpful at the start of the game.

25 Points = Show HOW to get the medal in the mouse-over. Helpful for unlocking harder medals

50 Points = Cure all diseases, regain full HP (100) and get your 10 rerolls back as well.

There is MUCH more to do, and I've also added in more Storylines, and Casual Mode. The game now includes an in-game tutorial which explains more as well. I might add to this in the future, but this is good start for now!



Posted by SlingBang - June 3rd, 2019

Just a note, since I haven't uploaded any games here in awhile. I am currently working on TWO new games that are in the testing stage. I have released them on Patreon so Patrons can help test them and get to play them early.

Elf_adventure is almost finished. I have maybe 1 or 2 months of work, (depending on how I want to end the game) so should be released here in August, possibly.

Sukhon_Reloaded is just started. I am ~trying~ to rebuild the game to add in multiple women, new locations, more stories, and other stuff like: apartments, diseases, missions, gambling, criminal or business paths... Like I said, it's early still so no idea where it's going. There IS a working alpha on Patreon, with hiring of multiple women and Ladyboy customers.

If you donate $1 on Patreon you can play BOTH of these games. (Higher donations unlocks more content as well) Otherwise, you can wait a few months and Elf-Adventure should be released here to play for free.


Posted by SlingBang - July 7th, 2018

I never wrote a walkthru since I 'thought' I'd answered all these questions before. After searching through the 23 pages of comments and all my emails I realized I had... but to multiple different people. So... I'm compiling all the info here for a Walkthru, Medals, and Hidden items.

----- Walkthru -----

You can get all three endings and every piece of clothing in one game but it's not gonna be as much fun as 3 games. Here's how I did it: 

I started a new game. I did the Oral-Sex path first, buying only coffee, crickets, and spicy soup every day and paying off any debt immediately. Sell Alcohol at the Pussy Club to raise your Rep. until you can borrow 3000. I borrowed 3000 from the pimp ONCE to buy the blanket and Temple upgrades giving +1Hr and +10% money. Buy every Bridal Item in the Night Market. Pay to have the vendor look again to find them faster. Each one increases your BJ offers.

*IMPORTANT* I did NOT move the Pussy club reputation forward. Keep the pimp at the 3000 baht offer but don't take it again. Also, buy NOTHING (no items or temple upgrades) except Makeup and food!***** I went through all 30 days and had found all the Bridal Clothing Items and 21,300 Baht.

Buy the plane ticket home to use up all 20,000 Baht. You want to be close to 0 Baht for the Bondage ending.

Next I moved the pimp forward to the 5000 baht offer. Borrowed it and spent it all on items and temple upgrades, every day saying NO TO ALL SEX and buying all the food everyday to increase my debt. Every 5 days I borrowed another 5000 baht and spent it all, never paying any debt off, obviously. I repeated this pattern for around 12 days before I got the Bondage ending. Then I actually kept myself in debt for ANOTHER 18 days (60 days into the game now) just to get all the Bondage clothing pieces as well. You seriously could stay in debt forever by repeating this cycle: borrow 5000 baht every 5 days and buy all the food every day and do NO sex at all. (and DON'T move the pimp forward or you lose the 5000 baht option)

Next I aimed for the Priestess clothing and that is easy, Just say YES to all sex and buy all the makeup every day, and visit the temple shrine every night. took me 154 days total until I had all the Priestess clothing. I was Priestess level 12, had donated 624,774 BAHT to the temple, and also had 11.5% of the SPC (230 shares) purchased.

----- Alternate gameplay idea from: lrdjms -----

First off is bondage. The trick to getting the bondage ending is that you have to get into alot of debt, and you have to get into it fast. Your general day should include saying no to any sex offers, followed by blowing money on clothing, makeup, the gods, everything aside from food and drink. at night go to the pimp's place and click the "sell alcohol" button, this will increase your reputation. 

eventually the pimp will offer you a loan of 5k, take it and blow the money, after the time alloted for the loan has passed, he will offer you the 5k again. Repeat process until you are completely in debt. At this point you should have no trouble getting the bondage ending. 

The bridal ending is a bit trickier, it's easier to do the bondage ending first, then after you get that ending, have sex with everyone as much as you can to get more upgrade points. once you have about 300 or so, go to the main screen and click erase data. This will erase your progress but keep your upgrade points. To get the bridal ending, you need to survive 30 days without having vaginal or anal sex, meaning only bjs. only accept people that ask for bjs, the first day you should spend money on the mango milkshake, crickets, and either the first dress or the wax and bleach your entire body. Every day after you should limit the money that you spend to crickets, mango milkshake, and slight increases to the gods for increased sexiness, the client one and the god of wealth. IMPORTANT, whenever the dude shows up to offer to sell you bridal items, buy them( with the 300 or so upgrade points you have from the previous game). I cannot stress how important this is to the bridal ending, as if you don't get asked for bjs your going to go bankrupt and be forced to do bondage. if you follow this and spend your money on slight upgrades you will make it to the bridal ending. 

Also, for people that don't know, if you want to get the "special" sex positions, go to the pimp's place, and sell alcohol, after you've done this enough then misty will talk to you about these new sex positions. 

Hoped that helped people and btw this is a great game.

----- Medals -----

Average Workday: Work 9 hours each day. You must have a day where you make less money than your costs for that day. You will be given 1 more hour to work. Buy the mattress and pay the Temple god of Wealth to get the other 2 hours.

Upset Stomach: Buy the spicy noodles each day and eventually you'll get sick from them.

You Go-Go girl: Sell alcohol at the Pussy Club to increase your Rep until the Pimp offers you a spot dancing at the club.

Illicit Access: Use a confidence booster to unlock a sex act. Easiest at the start. Just buy a Pina Colada to gain 10 Confidence and unlock the next sex act.

Have a gay old time: This can be very hard to find. You need to unlock the anal sex, have the penis, and have anal sex with an old man. It's a random chance so may take awhile.

Bonus Overkill: You need to buy (or have activated) all the cosmetics and food items that give bonuses in one day. 

Endings: see the walkthru above

Low self-confidence: You need to try to haggle a price and fail, then accept the lower price 3 times in one day.

Fully booked: You need to have a customer every hour of the day.

Meretricious Pulchritude: Have all the cosmetic items active in one day.

Millionaire: Earn 1,000,000 Baht throughout the course of the game.

Average American: Be $15,705 in debt.

----- Rare Items -----

There are 3 rare items in v.1.18. There is less than 0.5% chance of finding a rare item.

Cosmetic Kit: You gain the Makeup bonus everyday for free. Chance: Every day you buy makeup.

Hair Flower: You always have 100% Freshness. Chance: Every time you change a clothing item on the beach after having sex to increase your Freshness level.

Cell Phone: You can call a Client each day. Chance: Every time a client appears for sex.





Posted by SlingBang - February 24th, 2018

I tried my best to error-check all my games but apparently, a whole busload of bugs still got in! One dedicated fan in particular found so many bugs I have setup this page to document them. Most (but not all) of these bugs have been fixed now so you can have a good laugh at my lack of Quality Control skills!

Tile passibility errors allowed this player to get onto a roof. I actually 'fixed' this error by turning it into a secret path to a garden. I told him I had fixed the error...


So, then he sent me this image:


Another time he found a way to get knocked unconscious on a screen that didn't have code to teleport Harlot home and instead Harlot appeared to be sleeping everywhere:



Later, he found a way to get Abby out of the spa without getting dressed and sent many images of her frolicing naked all over the place:


One of the most astonishing bugs he found was a was to sneak into the village at night. Eventually, he showed me how he did it. The vines allowed sideways exiting  to the Mayor's cliff as can be seen below:


He also found a way into the secret cave where there is scuba gear  (which is not unlocked yet) and then managed to get onto the main map with scuba gear. and swim around... Seriously, I don't even know:


But likely the funniest bug/exploit he found was using save-scumming to get Abby to negotiate up the prices in the brothel to absolutely ridiculous levels. 4 TRILLION for sex? Sounds reasonable:


Hilarious! But the best part was the next morning, when Abby wanted her 25% cut of  $1 TRILLION . Hahahaha! Sorry, but the $99 MILLION (max $ limit) you have just won't be enough:


Good times. He continues to find new bugs for me and has given permission for me to post them here, so I'll keep adding any new funny ones that come up.


Posted by SlingBang - August 29th, 2017

Harlot's Path is finished: 



I'm play-testing it currently. Likely will release it once school starts again, second week in September or so. There are 6 completed sex scenes to find as you progress through the 3+ hour game, and one more 'Ending' scene I will have to add later. Each scene can be replayed multiple times with more clothing layers removed and different cumshot options as you gain more Sex XP and rise in levels. In fact, one of the later sex events has Seven different cumshot locations! Leveling Up is from Sex. There are no battles or pointless dungeons in the game so no time is spent fighting trash-mobs. You just talk to people, solve problems, and have sex. I will continue to add more cumshots locations and POSSIBLY different clothing options or accesories over the next few months. For fun, I made a promo screen showing some of the different clothing options and cumshots available:



Posted by SlingBang - July 30th, 2017

Schools out... for one month anyways! I'll be back in September so I MUST release the game by then. Things are generally progressing well, except my scanner stopped working, so I have the next 2 sex scenes drawn but can't finish them until I resolve the scanner issues. It takes about a week of evenings to finish each scene, so still acheivable. I've drawn the scenes as I write the story, so the further along in the game, the better the art and more options available for clothing/addons, during each scene. So, I'm trying to add in more details in the earlier scenes. I'm thinking about having more options unlock in the early scenes after you advance to a higher level, find a new sex scene, or get new outfits.

Most of the work was coding, layer placements, and minor art modifications so nothing new to show, but I will include one picture here for fun.

This is the 3rd or 4th event you can unlock, censored because on my main page. I've added in the concept that the sex events change based on how much seduction you have/use. Sometimes the activity changes and other times it is cancelled altogether.



Posted by SlingBang - March 9th, 2017

Thanks to some good advice form Jaxxxs and LewdPooh, I tried RPG Maker VX. Since the program does all the game work for you I only had to draw the art, and consequently, after 1 month I have 3 functioning sex events already. The downside is the maps and sprites look the same for ever RPG Maker game (as seen below), but I will look into replacing them with my own art (months of work) in any 'serious' future release.


I'm thinking about releasing a fun 'test' project once I have enough scenes for a functioning storyline. One improvement is the ease of using multiple layers and choice-paths to create different clothing and sex activities. I will show a few screenshots here:

You can undress the actors in the scene by using your Seduction Points (MP). Energy (HP) decreases from sex.


Multiple layers (16 used so far) allow user-customizable clothing/sex options.


Body sizes are also cutomizable. Here the bum size is large and breast size is medium. 


That's it for now. Depending on work and school it'll be a few months before I release this next project.