April Update: I love paying Taxes!

2014-04-29 23:24:00 by SlingBang

So, I spent pretty much the entire month working on the 'Sleeping Girl' game. I finished the core of the game in 2 weeks but it needed more, so I spent the next 2 weeks adding in the Items and Medals, and testing. The suggestions for improvement were quite good and I think the game is more fun now. So, thanks to those who made suggestions. A couple people mentioned the buttons are too small which I don't understand... On my screen they are larger than the buttons on the Newgrounds website. And they are much larger than the default Flixel button size. I was a bit surprised at the 2/5 rating (at one point it was 1.7/5) especially since the game got 3.6/5 on different website. Anyways, I'm not too concerned with the score. As long as it doesn't get deleted people who like it can play it. I've had a couple requests for more women, items, longer plotline, added to this game or a sequel. Since the actual artwork only took me 1 week to do, the sequel will definately have more women and poses. It's added to my ever growing list of future games...


Generally, I would like to have a game finished every 2 or 3 months. I am terrible with time estimations so I have no idea if that is even posible. I have a few good ideas for original future games as well as some that I have mostly finished in another programming language that I might convert over to Flash, if possible.


Speaking of somewhat finished games, I should mention the 'Sexy Side-Scroller' game. Like I said before, there are 3 enemies finished including sex scenes. I somewhat lost interest mainly because I don't have any real storyline other than the endless cave... I will likely come back to that game later. Outcast Ninja is another potential surprise game canidate. I have books 2,3 and 4 already drawn from years ago so it would be about a 2 week process to convert one over to Flash.


Now for Blue Bonnet. I only spent about 3 days on it this month. I mostly worked on improving the tiles. I added in some random flora for the grassland areas, and changed the Hill tile entirely. I also finished some pine forest tiles for another section. Most tiles are animated which you can't see of course. I made a quick picture to give you an idea:




Next month I am hoping to get back into the massive amount of artwork needed for BB1. I elimated all full-screen animation and now am planning to have more of the art in the speech pictures and on the actual map. The benefit is each picture is only a few KB in size. The downside of course is they are much smaller visually. It might not be too bad however since i can animate them more easily. I still might have ONE full-size animation for the final sex scene ending or something.


I think it will be possible to divide the larger storyline into sections to help reduce the overall size. Currently, this game already has as many characters and as much dialogue as BB0 did but I will need to at least double that to finish this part of the storyline. There's currently 7 sex events and that will also likely double. 


I must say it was difficult to cut the game down from my original expectations. Everything not directly related to the main plot and all frivilous artwork had to go. I cut out the Blondie blowjob, an entire pirate ship with already programmed crew and sex scenes, and all the Battle Sytem animations including the Hero and 3 enemies which were completed. I'll try to work some of it back into the game if possible. It was a good overall lesson on better game development however.


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2014-04-30 01:44:54

this is always my favorite time of the month, your updates on your plans continue to draw me in. i am still eagerly awaiting the release of your new games. as per usual keep up the good work

SlingBang responds:

Thanks for your thoughts pmk222,

This is the first time that I could see the end of making this sequel. Cutting out all the extra let me see the plot events more clearly and focus on using Flash for what it was designed for: namely spawning multiple copies of a single image (higher RAM usage), rather than creating hundreds of unique ones (higher File size). It took me time to re-imagine the gameplay but I'm feeling good about the result now.