Entry #32

March 2017

2017-03-09 11:19:23 by SlingBang

Thanks to some good advice form Jaxxxs and LewdPooh, I tried RPG Maker VX. Since the program does all the game work for you I only had to draw the art, and consequently, after 1 month I have 3 functioning sex events already. The downside is the maps and sprites look the same for ever RPG Maker game (as seen below), but I will look into replacing them with my own art (months of work) in any 'serious' future release.


I'm thinking about releasing a fun 'test' project once I have enough scenes for a functioning storyline. One improvement is the ease of using multiple layers and choice-paths to create different clothing and sex activities. I will show a few screenshots here:

You can undress the actors in the scene by using your Seduction Points (MP). Energy (HP) decreases from sex.


Multiple layers (16 used so far) allow user-customizable clothing/sex options.


Body sizes are also cutomizable. Here the bum size is large and breast size is medium. 


That's it for now. Depending on work and school it'll be a few months before I release this next project.


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2017-03-10 18:00:28

Looks good, I'm definitely excited for it

(Updated ) SlingBang responds:

I'm hoping to complete it over the summer vacation. :D

Much less time than my other games took.


2017-04-25 23:56:21

I didn't know you could titfuck with a shirt on

SlingBang responds:

:) Well, you can... but it might not be the best feeling...

In this game I am trying to have a range of options. I have currently coded the shirt off, as well as clothes for the male. I've also finished 5 scenes at this point. I'll be quite busy for the next 2 months but should have this game finished over the summer break.


2017-05-07 02:01:35

will it be animated?

SlingBang responds:

Currently, I haven't found a good way to do full-screen animation in RPG Maker, so I just have sequential pictures. The diversity is in the facial expressions, clothing and body size layers.

Also, I'll be fully occupied with school until August, so will get back at this game then.