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----------------------------------- Seven Sisters (Elf Adventure) Game Guide -----------------------------------

Game is here: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/734001

Seven Sisters (Elf Adventure) is an open-ended 'choose-your-own-adventure' style game with 7 possible endings. This game takes many in-game days to complete. Each day you choose paths, interact with people on that path, then sleep and repeat the process the next day. Since randomness affects days required to finish tasks, I don't include days in this walkthru. I just describe which task was completed. You may spend up to 50+ days to finish a sister, or as few as 1 day, if something bad happens.

Start Screen: There are 3 buttons.

\(^_^)/ goes to Upgrades and Sister Info. You need points from Medals to unlock them. Return after finishing Onetta.

Password allows you to raise your Tier and unlocks bonuses.

Start Game... starts... the game...

You can also click on the Newgrounds Icon to get... here... and the Patreon icon to get the passwords. At the top right is the release version, which when mouse-over reveals new additions.

Upgrades Screen: Upgrades are powerful and will speed up your game dramatically if used correctly. Each one helps you reach specific goals, endings or medals. You unlock them with points from Medals you earn after completing a Sister. Mouse-over tiles to read description and click to turn them ON or OFF. Some, like the clothing unlocks, are permanent and cannot be turned off until you erase your entire game and start over.

Sisters Screen: After finishing a Sister, you can click her name and see her Ending Image, Medals, and Life-Story. The Ending Image is a snapshot of her status when she finished the game. Clothing worn, Items, and body-status she had will be shown here. On the right are the medals she earned. Click this area to see a list of ALL possible medals in the game. At the bottom is a life-story compiled from the choices she made.

*Playing the Game*

When you start the game at the top left is a fading button to exit back to the menu at any time. Your game auto-saves each time you sleep, so if you exit it will not save the current day's events. You progress the story by clicking one of the three Options at the bottom. Next you click the story area above to load more options and click one of them to continue. During Sex Events you will click on the Image to progress the 'animation'. Some Options will appear, usually for higher tiers, and you can click them to change the sex event. Otherwise it will finish and the story will continue. When a Sister is finished, married or dead, you have the option to Start the Next Sister OR Load Saved game OR Exit.

Start Next Sister accepts this ending, transfers some of your best items to the next sister (based on your Tier) and starts the next sister.

Load Saved Game rewinds time to the start of the current day so you can choose different choices, if you didn't like that ending

Exit also erases the current day and returns to the Main Screen, if you want to change your Upgrades or Tier perhaps.

Info Tab:

At the right are three tabs. The first is Info. It lists your vitals, skills, and body.

If your Health reaches 0 you die and start the next sister. Increase it by eating Ham, Eggs, or Red Potions.

If your Energy reaches 0 you go home to sleep. Increase it by eating Bread, Seaweed, Vegetables, or Yellow Potions.

Gold is used to buy things. Find it by winning battles or digging in tunnels or unlocking Upgrades

Defence: reduces damage taken in battles. Increase it by finding stronger clothing.

Attack: increases damage you deal to enemies. Increase it by finding better weapons.

NOTE: Def and Att are the best clothing and Weapon you OWN, not what you are wearing. This allows you to change your outfit and retain the best stats for battles.

Resistance: Reduces damage taken from battles and Sex Events. Increase by eating Garlic and from having sex.

Swimming and Climbing: Needed to access new areas. Learn by paying the Soldier to teach you relevant skill.

Grace and Strength: Gained by climbing trees and mountains. Need Lv:3 to enter the Nobleman competition.

Breasts: Increase by eating Mushrooms. Need Lv:3 to enter Nobleman competition.

Waist: Decrease by swimming. Need Lv:3 to enter Nobleman competition.

Hips: Decrease by jogging. Need Lv:3 to enter Nobleman competition.

Ass and Vagina: Amount of Sex you've had.

Sex Tab:

The second tab shows the times you've had sex with enemies in the game. The first 5 times unlocks a piece of clothing, item or weapon. The Sixth time unlocks the ending for that Enemy, and finishes that sister. Most of the medals come from choices made here. Being loyal to one man, screwing them all, getting pregnant, type of sex chosen (higher tiers) cheating on sisters... and so on. If you click one of the enemies it will show current relationship status for all sisters with this enemy. There is also information about the BONUS brothel here as well.

Items Tab:

The third tab shows your Clothing, and Edibles. Clicking clothing will cycle through any you have found. Clicking an Edible will consume it. Bread, Seaweed, Vegetable, and Yellow Potion recover your Energy. Red Potion, Ham, and Eagle Egg recover your Health. Ginseng is used during Sex Events to force man to have sex again, with a second cumshot and is used during Sex, not here.

----------------------------------------------------- Walkthru ------------------------------------------------------------

I am including a 'walkthru' here to give players an idea of some paths possible. *This will reveal some Medals and secrets* as well as use some Upgrades. The walkthru will be for the FREE version (but I will put any optional paid content in brackets) so everyone should be able to play this path. Note that because some events are random your game might look different.

I started Onetta with (Ivory skin) medium blond hair, and blue eyes. I cleaned the attic, took the hat, and hugged my father, which unlocked the 'Daddy's Girl' Medal. Each day I took Bread, then sat on the mushroom and dug gold out of the tunnel, eating bread when hungry ~click the ITEMS tab at the top right and click Bread~ until I found 50 gold, unlocking the 'Gold Digging' Medal. Next, I ran from the Farmer, skipped the Merchant, and with GOLD purchased the swimming and 1 climbing upgrade from the Soldier. Then I went to the river, took a swim, and choose to PLAY DEAD, escaping the Tentacles. I climbed the tree and got caught by the Lizard. I had sex 5 times (Tier $5: using GINSENG) until I got impregnated by the Lizard (Tier $3: I only chose ANAL SEX and unlocked the 'Doing it Joseph style' Medal) Once pregnant, I had sex with the Farmer 5 times, then using the Pitchfork I beat the farmer once unlocking the 'So the Pointy End Goes Forward' Medal. Then I had sex the final 6th time and married him, unlocking the 'Adopt a Pet' Medal. (Tier $3: and the 'Singular Devotion' Medal by choosing vaginal sex on the SIXTH time we had sex) If you are on Tier $0 or $1 You should also have unlocked the 'Impregnation Desiration' Medal for having vaginal sex 10 times.

I started the next Sister, but before choosing any options, I clicked the EXIT button at the top left and clicked the \(^_^)/ button. You should have at least 50 Upgrade points (as many as 120 if on a higher Tier) I used 40 Points to unlock 'Increase Climbing Level to Max' It's 4 tiles over and 1 down. I used the other points for daily gold upgrades. You can click the Sisters button at the top right to view completed sisters. So far, only Onetta is done. You should know that the saved image here will be the EXACT image you see when the ending triggers. So, if you are triggering a sex ending and want to change the saved image, click the ITEMS tab and then click any of the clothing items to change them to others you have unlocked.

For my second sister, Twosia, I chose a 'gay' path, so skip this paragraph if you don't like 'gay' stuff. I chose short, black hair and black eyes with sand skin, (freckles) and no makeup, so she looks tomboyish. I chose to learn to fight and took the Knife, then beat up the Farmer or dug in the tunnel to get 50 Gold. I never ate any mushrooms, so keeping her breasts small. Next, with the climbing upgrade on, I went to the Orchard, ducked under the branch, climbed PAST the eagle nest and found the Magic Fountain on the top. I donated 50 Gold, ate an orange and grew a penis. After sleeping, which saves the game, I returned to the upgrades and turned Off the climbing and gold upgrades and used 50 Points to turn On the LadyBoi upgrade, 7 over and 3 down. (Tier $5: I also chose Futa-Penis cums, and No Foreskin) I went to the Merchant and sold my virginity for a discount unlocking the 'Worst Deal Ever' Medal, however, since I'm a Ladyboi with no vagina anymore, the sex event changes to Anal sex, even on the $0 Tier! After 6 sex rounds with the Merchant I married him unlocking the 'Loyal' Medal and the 'Gold Digger' Medal. I started the next sister and then clicked EXIT before selecting any options to go back the upgrades page. I switched the upgrades to Health Items refill Full Health, Auto-Eat Health Items, Energy Items refill full Energy, Auto-Eat Energy Items, and increase Swimming level to Max. I also viewed Twosia in the Sisters page.

For Threem I chose long red hair, yellow eyes (Copper Skin, Freckles, and Streetwalker makeup) and sex with the neighbor boy to unlock the 'Throw it away' medal. I took the knife and played with my sisters to get a 25% bonus to seduce their husbands! Seduce the Merchant to get the 5-Item belt, unlocking the 'Sly Devil' Medal if you DON'T get caught by Twosia, and then fill the belt with 3 Meat and 2 Bread. Your Auto-Eat upgrades should keep you alive through all the following sex events. Go swimming and have sex with the Tentacle, then climb the tree to have sex with the Lizard. You can choose to REST in the nest to heal some health if you ran out of Meat. Now, try to have sex with the Farmer. If you get blocked by Onetta, try the Merchant. If Twosia catches you, have sex with the Soldier, unlocking the 'Insatiable' Medal. Next, go to the Orchard every day and fight the Eagle until you get the Claws. Then climb to the Eagle next and have sex with the Eagle, unlocking the 'Town Bicycle' Medal. Spend the rest of the time seducing the Farmer, by bribing him with less than 15 gold, to get the Pitchfork ($3 or $5 should have gifted the Pitchfork) which unlocks the 'Weapon Collector' Medal. Then have sex with the Farmer a sixth time to unlock the 'Just Desserts' Medal..

That is a brief walkthru of three sisters to give you an idea of the variety available. There are many sisters, medals, outfits, and paths still to choose. Have fun!

----------------------------------------------------- Medals -------------------------------------------------------------

~Will eventually give details on how to get each Medal. ( Likely after someone asks me for it. :P )

Recent Game Medals

9,435 Points

Perfect Run 25 Points

Collect all 13 diamonds in any level in one run.

I don't Need That! 10 Points

Beat a level without using all of the required folds.

All-Star 10 Points

Complete at least 3 objectives in campaign mode.

Quad Feed 25 Points

Clear a quadruple line.

Double Down 5 Points

Clear a double line.

Single 5 Points

Clear a single line.

Castle Hater 5 Points

Beat all castles in Black Shores

Tutorial Smasher 10 Points

Get gold in all castles in Black Shores

Instant Meat 5 Points

Defeat a Boar.

Infinite Space 5 Points

Build the Storehouse.