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This is a work-in-progress post for a more detailed tutorial for SoDV. Play it here:

This tutorial is for Easy mode. Once you get to Normal mode you will need to know everything or will lose quickly.

Hard-mode is for masochists. Seriously. the women start blocked, items are harder to find, stats don't raise, there are no tips or helpful pop-ups, and money is reduced by 50%!

1: Starting:

You begin at a campsite in the woods near an old stone silo. At the top-right is a journal (book) beside a clock. Click the journal to read the player back-story. The Journal writes down important events you do, and provides a few hints. Read it by using the right and left arrow icons near the page sides. It also has an entire tracking system for the women progress and game stats at the back ( click the far right double-arrow twice ). To close the journal, click the icon again.

Back on the starting screen, you need to build paths to access new locations with stone from the silo, but the silo is blocked by Trees # 6 and 7. Cut those two trees and click the silo twice to collect 20 stone. You will have slept by now. This matters little on Easy mode, just continue. Click the Village at the top-right to build the main path, then, click the Pond at the bottom right, the Cave in the middle-top area, and the Forest in the bottom-left to build the 3 other paths. You can travel to these four locations by clicking them or the icons at the screen bottom. The only thing worth doing on the Farm right now is upgrade your tent to a House. You need 30 wood and 5 stone, then click the tent. The house refills 75% of your Energy from sleeping. There are 5 house levels, but right now let's meet the women.

2: Women, Mood, and Gifts:

There are three women. Penny is in the Library in the morning, Haley is at the pond in the afternoon, and Abigail is in the cave at night. Each woman has unique dialogs, stories, preferences, and sex acts. To progress with a woman, you need to give her gifts that she likes. Gifts are just items you find around the world. There are 5 categories of items: Fish, Minerals, Forage, Crops, and Meals. Find Fish by clicking the boat at the pond, find minerals by clicking the rocks in the cave, and find forage by clicking anywhere in the forest. Crops and Meals are mid/late-game items so not needed yet.

After you have collected a few items, find a woman and click the face-icon at the top-left. This opens her dialog options. You have one choice, a greeting. Click it, and she will reply based on her mood. Likely, she is neutral right now, but to make her mad, click on the red options. You'll notice her heart-bar on the left getting covered in ice. Now, if you choose the greeting again, she'll say mean things. Well, great... She's mad now. Thanks, Slingbang! Don't worry, the woman's mood slowly returns to neutral as days go by. However, you can also increase her mood and hearts! by giving her a gift. Click the Treasure Box icon beside the face icon. Mouse-over your inventory to find an item with a heart-border. If you don't have one yet, go collect more items! Otherwise, click the item to give it to the woman. You can give one gift every 24 hours. Each gift raises her heart-level 1/5th of a heart, to a max of 6 hearts (30 heart-pieces). Now, if you click the face-icon again, you have two dialogs available. Notice the colors. Green choices are Talking. White choices are Actions, Red choices are just future events, and clicking them makes her mad. There are 3 Talking choices 19 Actions and 6 Sex Acts for each woman. (28 total in Easy-mode)

3: Library Research:

You will be able to find the first 3 gifts each woman likes at game start, and since each gift can be given 5 times before she gets bored of it, that should get you to 15 heart pieces, but to get to the good sex acts you need to find better gifts. The only way to do this is Research Skills at the Library. The skills are: Mining, Fishing, Forage, and Crops. Researching raises your skill by 1, and the Max is 16. Higher than 16 just raises the chance of finding the best items. Ideally, you'd need to research Mining, Fishing and Forage to level 8 to find enough gifts to unlock all the woman's sex-acts. However, there is a secondary function. Higher items you find sell for more money. To sell items you don't need, go to the Farm screen, open your Inventory, and click items to sell them. You can use money to buy valuable items from the Merchant. Some of these might be gifts for the women, some are crops for cooking, and one is a cooked meal, which refills almost full Energy. ( Useful for researching a second time at the library in one day! ) Crops must be researched to find seeds for planting in the fields, but that is a mid-game strategy and will be covered later.

4: Story Events and Traits:

Every three heart pieces the woman will have a story event. It replaces the first dialog, and appears in a gold bar. On easy-mode, you can see the results of your choices, so it seems obvious what to choose... but there is a secondary function as well. Notice the 4 'glass' Traits circles on the left: The Traits are PV: Perversion, OB: Obedience, RB: Rebellion, and FR: Fertility. These are needed to unlock many sex-acts. Every story event has 6 choices. 4 give +10 to one of the traits. Often, you will lose Mood or even Hearts to gain +10 Trait points. You could alternatively only pick the choices that make the women happy and gain more hearts sooner. In fact, the Vaginal Sex event doesn't need any trait points. As well, if you try to do a sex-act that requires a trait, and you don't have enough, the women will say "no" but the trait will raise by +2 anyways. The power of persuasion... or is it peer pressure? So, it's really your choice what you do here. One note is, since there are no Fertility sex-acts, you can only raise Fertility through story events. However, since Pregnancy and Marriage are not added yet, Fertility is not used... except for one major hidden thing...

5: Other Suitors (...and how to block them):

Once the other suitors show up, (after 8 weeks in easy-mode) they will try to seduce, steal, and block the women. They are also quite quick, taking only 4 weeks to totally block you from any sex with all three woman. Well, that is not fun! Luckily, there are two ways to deal with this...

First is preventative: Many actions are tracked and used to calculate if the women will say "yes" or "no" to a potential suitor. The calculation checks elements that have different "weight". Actions that raise a woman's chance to say "no" are: Talking to the women daily (+10), unlocking a sex act (+25), having sex daily (+25), giving a gift daily (+15), giving her an orgasm (+25 each *more on this later*), mood (-25~25) and fertility (0~50) all affect whether a woman will say "yes" to another man. ( There is an element of randomness, a few hidden factors, and the more times a suitor interacts with the woman, especially giving her orgasms, the higher his chance will be ) An important note is each sex act is calculated separately, so if you unlock vaginal, do vaginal sex, and give her an orgasm from vaginal in one 24hr period, you can be sure no man will get vaginal sex from her that day... but they could easily get anal sex. So, it seems like you'd need to do all 5 sex acts every day, which is impossible. Luckily, there are actions that apply to all sex-acts: Talking, Gifting, Mood, and Fertility, which is the most heavily weighted of those four, maxing out at +50. Oh yeah, another fun way you can block a suitor is "end your day" in the same location as a woman, ( which happens naturally after sex ) and your character will interact with the other suitor in some way that ruins his chances with the woman that day.

The best way to block the other suitors is give the women the most orgasms. If you mouse-over her sex-location body-parts, you'll see her sex-stats. The heart icon, at the bottom, shows how many orgasms each man gave for each sex-act. *Orgasms are the only cumulative stat* You, and the other suitors, get +25 points for each orgasm. For example: All the other stats count for about 150 points, checked daily. One orgasm more than another suitor won't matter much, but eight more, ( worth 200 points ) although unrealistic, would guarantee no other suitor gets action on that sex act!

Her orgasm meter is the pink bar on left. Sex alone likely won't trigger an orgasm, so, you'll need to do foreplay first. Each sex-act tracks orgasms separately, so use foreplay actions to get her close, then do the sex-act you want to give the orgasm on. In late-game, the vibrator can be used to bring her to the edge, then do the sex-act you want to give her an orgasm on. This works well for harder-to-trigger-orgasm sex-acts like handjobs or footjobs. Another late-game method, is do a sex-act first, and refill your energy with a meal. Then do foreplay until she orgasms, and the orgasm will count on the previous sex-act.

Second is Reactive: After a woman has been blocked, she will say "no" to sex from you... unless she is horny. Each of her main 5 sex-acts are blocked individually, so the easiest way to make her horny is do an unblocked sex-act. If all sex-acts are blocked, you can make her horny by other actions. Some are better than others ( Rubbing 3x, Fingering 2x, Vibrator 1x ) but any combination works. You can tell she's horny by her facial expression.

Another note is that women actually get blocked by whichever man has done the most sex acts, so you can unblock a woman by doing that sex-act the most. You can see the current sex-act status by mousing-over the women's body areas. Red means You are blocked, Green means you can have sex, and blue shows which man got her virginity.

6: The Farm, House, and Cooking:

After you've unlock about half of the woman's actions, you should get the farm going for two reasons. You can grow crops the women will accept as gifts and you can cook food to refill large amounts of Energy. The first you should build is the North field. This field allows planting the first 6 crops in the game. You need to search for the seeds and finding seeds is determined by your Crop Skill.You start the game at Crop Skill 2, so have a 33% chance to find a seed each time you search, After you raise your Crop Skill to level 6 ( at the Library ) you have a 100% chance to find a seed. The West field allows seeds 6~11, ( 17% chance at Crop Skill 6, 100% chance at Crop Skill 11 ) and the South field allows seeds 11~16. ( 17% chance at Crop Skill 11, 100% chance at Crop Skill 16 ) Since the chance to find seeds is based on your Crop Skill, it would be a waste of time to build the West field before you have at least Crop level 8, and you want at least Crop Skill 13 for the South field.

Another thing to do is upgrade your house. The first upgrade refills your Energy to 75% when you sleep. The second upgrade increases your storage from 8 to 25. Third increases Energy to 100% from sleeping, and Fourth raises storage to 60. The final upgrade is the best! It raises your storage to 100, but also unlocks the Kitchen. Then, when you click on your house, a cooking menu opens and, if you have the correct crops, you can cook meals. Meals will refill large amounts of Energy, so are quite helpful to stay awake to work longer, but also allow you to have sex multiple times in one day. Meals can NOT be gifted to women but can be sold ( Open Inventory on the Farm screen, and click to sell )

That's everything I can think of right now, but ask questions below if you are having trouble...



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