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Harlot's Path Walk Through

2017-10-03 01:10:34 by SlingBang

Harlot's Path: Walk Through.

Day 1: 
At the start of the game enter your Hovel, talk to Lamer and give him a TitJob to get Bread. DON'T Search the room yet! Go outside, go north to the Farm and choose the Carrots Job from the Guard. Pick 6 carrots, and let yourself run out of Energy. You will faint and wake up in your Hovel.
Day 2: 
 Use the bread Lamer gave you to restore you Energy then go talk to the Vine Guard. Give him a BlowJob for 25 Coins, unlocking the Debt Reduction Medal. Be sure to choose 'Cum in Mouth' and 'A Few Shots', to ensure you don't faint again. Now, you will already be on Level 2! (This increases your Stats, allowing you to choose more options in Sex Events) Search the nearby log for 8 Coins. Go back into your hovel and search it for Bread, Water and 8 Coins. Refill your Energy and Seduction, then give Lamer another Titjob. Go to the farm and finish the Carrot Job properly this time. Talk to Timmy after filling the box to get a free carrot. Get paid, go home and sleep. 
Day 3:
 give another Titjob, the go to the farm. Skip the cabbages and pick the Flower Job instead, eating bread when needed. Collect the water and Orange Flowers near the cabbage patch. Talk to the flower Granny to get the Day Pass. Go home and Sleep.
Day 4:
give a third Titjob. You should now be at Level 3 and learn a new skill Energize, which refills some Energy. You can use the Day Pass to enter the village. Talk to the Dreamer boy then collect 15 gold in the log beside him. Walk straight down and Spy on the girls to unlock the Peeping Tammy Medal. Knock on the Spa House door to get 20 Coins. Cross the 2 bridges and collect 15 gold in the log. Talk to the Head Guard LAST because he will throw you in 'jail'. Escape, then go past the campsite and down the trail to get a Ginseng plant. Then back up to enter the cave. Collect 10 coins from 2 vases and find mushrooms in a crevice. Exit and go back to the farm. Pick the Mushroom Job. Go home and sleep.
Day 5:
 Titjob, then your last day on the farm. Choose to cut down bushes. Cut the closest bush then descend the vine to get 15 Coins. Cut all the other bushes down, eating bread when needed then go to the firepit at the top and burn them. Get paid 10 Coins from the Guard but DON'T leave. Ensure you have over 165 Energy then go across the river and give the Old Man a Handjob. Now, descend the nearby vine and get 15 more Coins in the crevice. WALK OFF THE SCREEN and find a secret area. Get 15 more coins in a crevice, down a vine to get mushrooms, Walk around until you find the grass tuft, step on it to fall down to a bridge. open the chest to get Wine. Return to the village and talk to your mother's grave. Use a flower to gain full HP/MP. Talk to the Vine Guard again and learn more about your mother. Enter the village and use the Axe to cut the dead bush near the Spa. Follow the trail to the back of Anno's house and enter. Give the dog his bear, collect 30 Coins from the vase and steal a carrot. You'll have over 150 Coins now.(If you fainted or bought items you won't have 150 Coins. That's fine. Just work at the farm another day or two or sell items to the Merchant Lady. Keep the Ginseng and Wine) Go back to the Vine Guard and upgrade your Day Pass into a Permission slip. You can say NO to the guard if you want to get a -25HP beating. Otherwise give him a Blowjob. Go back into the village and enter Anno's house. When you are standing BESIDE him use the Wine and then the Ginseng. Drink your water to gain at least 15 Seduction and use your mushrooms to gain Focus. Now enter the Skill tab of the Menu and use the Energize skill to refill at least 150 Energy. (If you don't have all these items,you will likely faint from sex with Anno, unless you have over 200 Energy. That's OK, you just lose a day and some Coins) Talk to Anno. Listen to his story then have sex. Choose default options for everything so you have 15 Seduction to remove the Undies and allow sex. You should be Level 4 now. Afterwards, go to his room and choose the 90 Coin payment to receive the best rate from Anno subsequent times. You can eat the Fruit in the kitchen to regain your Energy or save it for later. Now, return to the farm (Still on Day 5!) and choose 'Talk to Farm Guard' instead of a job. Sherman will ask you to mulch his leaves at the broken house. Go home and sleep.
Day 6:
Give Lamer his Titjob. You should be able to remove your shirt now. Buy Bread and Water as needed, then give the Vine Guard a BJ. You should be Level 5 and learn Beautify, which refills some Seduction. Have sex with Anno again. Leave your undies on to unlock the Fail at Sex medal. Try again. Use Wine and Ginseng if you want. They both provide 3~6 uses. Ensure you have over 100 Energy and mulch the leaves in the yard. You can also wash your clothes at the clothesline. Return to the farm and get paid 12 Coins for mulching the leaves. Sherman will give you another job and the Power Gloves! Refill your Energy and Seduction then tell Sherman you want to cut the bushes. Just cut the first one to access Gramps and give him another Handjob. You can finish the bush cutting job if you want. There is no penalty if you don't. Go home to sleep.
Day 7:
By now Lamer's friend should have arrived so you can let him cum on your face too, after Lamer is done with you. You should be Level 6. Refill, then use the Power Gloves to move the rick near your hovel. Follow the path and grab the Flowers, then talk to the Trickster. There are multiple ending paths here so choose what you want. Just be sure to allow SOMETHING or else he will rob you, taking ALL your coins over 100. Also, be careful not to step on the leaves because he won't have sex with you twice in one day (until you learn Entice at Level 13) so will just rob you. On the way back to your hovel, move the rock 2 more times to jump down to the campsite, getting the water on the ledge. Trade the stick to the camper for the Fishing Rod. You can now catch fish in the river and return to the camper to make Fried Fish, worth 25 Focus! Enter the cave again and move the rock to get 25 Coins. Exit near your hovel, then give your mother Flowers again to refill. Suck the Vine Guard's cock and then move the rock from the Brothel door. Clean the boards and collect the book from the dresser. Refill, then do Anno. Visit the spa and collect the third Flowers. Talk to your mother again to refill and unlock the Gold Supplication medal. Return to the farm to get paid 15 Coins for cleaning the boards. Give Gramps a RubJob and proceed to Level 7. You learn Hornify which acts like Wine, reducing SP used during sex. Go home and sleep.
Day 8: 
By now if you carefully user your SP you can get the 10 Shot combo medal. You need to let Lamer cum 5 shots and then his friend 5 as well. (or 4 and 6) Suck the Guard off, Plant the flowers, don't forget Anno and the Trickster. Get paid 18 Coins from Sherman, stroke Gramps then off to sleep. Harlot should be Level 8 by now.
Day 9:
From now on, keep having sex with everyone possible each day to raise your levels. Buy the bushes from the Arborist. Save 180 Energy for planting the Bushes. Sleep.
Day 10:
Today is a big day! You should be at Level 9 and have learned Muscle Control, reducing Energy used during sex.Move the rock by the hovel to jump down to the campsite. Follow the path until you reach a Brown Rock. Turn it into a Stepping Stone. Continue on down the path and take the Granny's quest. She will give you the Bounce Boots. Run back up to the cave and go left to the underwater river. Jump over where it is narrow. Grab the 30 Coin vase then go West. Ignore the stairs and go North to the exit. Jump across the river on the lilypads, run down to the blue-roof house by the spa. Give him the Herbs and get 40 Coins. He'll tell you to send the pink-bandana girl in but you can't talk to her yet. Retrace your steps across the river, get the Water. Re-enter the cave and collect the 40 coin vase. Jump the top river to find a 50 Coin vase. Exit here and you'll be at the top mountain. go East and jump the gap. Check the crevice for Dragon Eggs! Jump back across and slip off the grass tuft. Climb onto the tightrope and try to cross the river. You'll fall in the river and end up near the Vine Guard, unlocking the '3 Baths' Medal. Go North a few steps then jump West across the lilypad and get the second Stepping Stone. Run over to Trickster Park and climb up the first ledge. Jump West to get the Third Stepping Stone. Go to the Arborist and notice the path South down the cliff is open now. Grab the Wine and the 4th Stepping Stone. Just South of the merchant you can jump across a gap and sneak into the spa to refill both Energy and Seduction! Sadly, you can only enter once (for now) Continue down and jump across the water to the Orange Tree. Once each day you can come here to get a free Orange. Go back into the central cave and climb the green vine near the river. Jump around until you find the skeleton to unlock the Dark Secret Medal. Now, go up the stairs in the cave to enter Lai's house. Avoid his wife and get your ass pounded. Finally, save 100 Energy to build the foot path in front of the Brothel. Go back to the Granny and she'll thank you and leave. Grab the Magic Herb. It will allow you to seduce men into having sex twice on one day. Then, get paid 27 Coins from Sherman and learn about his sad story.
Day 11: 
You should be Level 10. Buy boards from Bob the buil- I mean Arborist. Buy 4 Roof Boards and have 200 Energy to install them. Talk to Sherman and he will write you a letter to rent to Brothel from Anno.
Day 12+
Rent the Brothel from Anno. You'll need 300 Coins. At this point in the game there are no more Daily Events. Your only limitation is your Coins. 

House Jobs: Sweep out the Brothel, Clean up the Blood stains, Fix Floor Tiles: $175. You'll find the Balance Cap and then can cross the tightrope. This allows you to unlock the 'Escape' Medal. Get thrown in Jail. RUN through the campsite, down the trail, over the small tightrope, up through the Arborium and in front of the Head Guard. You can now exit the town. You can also cross the tightrope to the Mayor's Mansion. Grab the Vial of Sperm then jump down one level and walk onto the roof to get the Perfume. Jump down onto the Mayor's balcony and down the stairs. Save your Game. You must RUN and hide from his wife. Hiding places are: 1:beside piano, 2:behind apples, 3:behind chairs. You only have 4 chances to move before she catches you. If you get caught don't worry. Just go to the password board and type  sillys  and you can now grab the axe in the tree stump. Go back to the Mayor's House and 'deal' with the old granny. Go upstairs and talk to the Mayor/Doctor. Walk to the cliff. Save your Game before choosing to jump. If you don't jump, you can continue fixing up your house and having sex to pay for it! More sex options (internal cumshots) have unlocked. Also, at Level 15 you unlock even more sex options (Cum on Face)

 Bob the Arborier makes you a sign for your Brothel. The Merchant will also offer House-Repair items as well. If you buy the Bedsheets you gain the ability to Sleep in the Brothel. That's it for now, but I add new content each month.
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SECRET MEDAL 10 Points Unlock this medal to see it's details. Medal Stats.
SECRET MEDAL 10 Points Unlock this medal to see it's details. Medal Stats.
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SECRET MEDAL 25 Points Unlock this medal to see it's details. Medal Stats.
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