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SlingBang's News

Posted by SlingBang - July 22nd, 2021

Relevant to both 'Sukhon Somporn in Thailand' and 'Sukhon Reloaded'

Rare items were added as a bonus for playing the game multiple times, so are extremely hard to find, likely will require multiple game play-throughs, and still appear mostly at random. Rare Items are permanent, and will not be erased if you erase your game on the start screen. ( They will be gone if the browser or windows deletes your savefiles, so back-up your savefile ) Instead, they will re-appear in the Market after you buy the item in front of it. Also, any Rare items your hired women find (in Sukhon Reloaded Only) will transfer to Sukhon when you erase the game as well.

Rare Items likely will not benefit you when you find them, but rather in future play-throughs, giving bonuses to Sukhon when she is just starting out. Below are some details on each Rare item. Trigger means what you must do during a sex-event to unlock the rare. Chance is how likely it is to unlock. Benefit is what you get once it is unlocked, purchased and equipped.

Cell Phone:

Trigger: when a Client appears.

Chance: 1/300 or 0.333%.

Cost: 600 Upgrade point. Reduced to 60 if purchased in previous game.

Benefit: Once each day, it will automatically call a client if you can't find a customer that hour.

Cow Bell:

Trigger: Each time you have gangbang sex.

Chance: 1/300 or 0.333%.

Cost: 650 Upgrade points. Reduced to 65 if purchased in previous game.

Benefit: Will change all sex offers into gangbangs.


Trigger: When you change any clothing item, but only once per customer.

Chance: 1/500 or 0.2%.

Cost: 450 Upgrade points. Reduced to 45 if purchased in previous game.

Benefit: Will keep your Freshness at 100% all day long.

Makeup Kit:

Trigger: Every hour you are wearing makeup.

Chance: 1/500 or 0.2%.

Cost: 550 Upgrade points. Reduced to 55 if purchased in previous game.

Benefit: Will re-apply your selected makeup style, including all bonuses, every day for free.

--- Below are new Rares only in Sukhon Reloaded. Added in ver.1.36 ---

Fox Tail:

Trigger: Each time you have any back-sex.

Chance: 1/400 or 0.25%.

Cost: 500 Upgrade points. Reduced to 50 if purchased in previous game.

Benefit: Will change back-sex offers into pussy-sex with internal cumshot AND give +25% pregnancy chance.


Trigger: Each time you have any oral sex.

Chance: 1/500 or 0.2%.

Cost: 400 Upgrade points. Reduced to 40 if purchased in previous game.

Benefit: 25% Confidence bonus.

Posted by SlingBang - April 26th, 2021

Sukhon Somporn in Thailand was my most popular game and after many requests I've been updating the game on Patreon. The game was renamed to Sukhon Reloaded as I changed a major game-mechanic: Hiring Women. Sukhon can now hire randomly generated women to work for her. There's hundreds of possible face combinations and in recent updates I've added the Cosmetic Sugery option so you can customize any face to your preference.

ALL versions require $1 membership to access, https://www.patreon.com/SlingBang as I've worked full-time on Sukhon Reloaded for 9 months, with more planned. Here is a summary of major content updates.

To backup your save-files, search for: com.Saves.120s.sol and copy ALL the file somewhere safe!

--------------------Tier $5 Bonuses:-------------------------------

 2 XL penis Self-Cumshots: on Face and on Breasts

 Early Unlock: (press 'ENTER' in market)

  (savings: 5 hours and 1,000,000 Baht)

   Misty Client Sex-Acts unlocked

   Misty Allows Hiring new women

   SPC sex-event unlocked

   SPC shares and Upgrades unlocked

--------------------Tier $1 Bonuses:-------------------------------

Version 1.36:

Back-View Mod drawn by Diego AV. Includes 6+ pubic hair options and 4 vagina types.

2 new Rares: Cigarette and Foxtail+Ears.


Version 1.35:

Pregnancy with internal view for each month. Give birth to up to 6 children.

Baby offers bonuses based on how well you grew it in the womb ( by eating drugs... wut? )

Can also sell baby for 10,000~100,000 Baht to a LOVING FAMILY... not bad at all !


Version 1.34:

3 Futa customer body types: Muscular, Thin and Thick. 7 breast sizes. Change in Menu

Finally finished the last outfit: Cabaret! 9 pieces, unlocked after the SPC event

Temple Location: Earn 'donations' to build the temple and unlock Priestess levels faster


Version 1.33:

3 XL penis sizes added with working cumshots

Peeing into Vagina and Ass (starts disabled)

Apartments for rent

Fancy Apartments are now also Sex Locations

10 Eye Colors


Version 1.30:

 Women hiring through Misty Available after own 33% of SPC

Cosmetic Surgery:

 16 Noses, 3 Eyelids, 5 Lip types

 18 Lipstick colors, 4 new Hairstyles

 7 new Makeup styles


 Bondage Room, SPC, and Yacht Locations

 40 more SPC upgrade choices

 8 Piece Sailor Outfit finished

 Customer Movement and Orgasm time,  

 Hooker Orgasm Speeds. (change in Sex Menu)


Version 1.20:

'Misc Menu' options to control Sex speed, orgasm times and sex options

Ladyboy Customers and Female Orgasm sounds,

SUkhon has 4 Penis Sizes, Penis stroking


Version 1.19:

Sukhon can become a FULL LadyBoy or Gay: No vagina, Penis, Balls and Flat chest

Peeing options: Customers can pee on Sukhon Chest and Back. (starts disabled)

5 More hairstyles, Rare: Cowbell


Posted by SlingBang - April 3rd, 2020

---------------------------------- StreetWalker Game Guide ----------------------------------

Game is here: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/751433

There are 2 playable storylines so far in StreetWalker. However, other than the main mission in each story, there's a large amount of 'not-obvious-to-find' content, and the game is fairly open-ended. Along with the clunky interface I poorly designed, this can cause aimless wandering and confusion. So, I've made a game guide. If you LIKE taking your time to figure out things on your own, you WILL be fine, but if you want a faster game experience this guide is for you.

Starting with the Peasant storyline: Items in brackets are a (Button) you click. Often, the first button is in the center of the screen, while the second button is in the bottom-right corner. If there are no buttons to click, first click the Black-Border section of the map to show the buttons.

Town: Buy 5 food (Food Stand) + (Buy 5 Food) and give the food to your mother (Talk to NPC) + (Offer Food). You MUST give your mother food EVERY time you want to move the story forward, so keep buying food! Once you've given her food four times, she will introduce Billy. To have sex with Billy click (Look Around) + (Have Sex)

Sex Event: Clicking on the circle icons at the top left starts a customer of that type. Currently, you only have one option. So, click the Human icon to call Billy, then click it AGAIN to show his sex-moves. This will make sense once you have multiple customers on the screen at once. Choose the Handjob. Billy moves to the right-side and you can change the stroking speed with the arrow keys. On Tier $5 you can click (Cum Alt) to have a facial cumshot. Afterwards, click (End Sex) to go back to the town.

Town: (Talk to NPC) and (Offer Food) Billy wants more sex, but FIRST go to the (Clothing) + (Clothes) + (Peasant). In here you can click (Remove it) to fully undress and (Wear it) to put on every item in this clothing set. (Next Clothes) or (Prev Clothes) will cycle through all the individual pieces and you can wear or remove them as you please. Removing the crotch allows you to have vaginal sex while still wearing the skirt. Note: You CAN walk around naked but outside of Quest-Sex-Events, your chance of getting arrested increases by 25% or more. Note: If the button-menu and image of your mother has disappeared, click the Black-Border area on the Map image to bring up your button choices again. click (Look Around) + (Have Sex) to meet Billy again. Note: if the text reads: You walk around, making eye-contact with potential customers... You didn't click (Talk to NPC) and (Offer Food) to your mother. It means you are trying to pick up customers and get paid. However, to UNLOCK more sex-moves you need to finish the 'Billy-Sex-Events' so I'm going to do that path in this guide.

Sex Event: Your Happiness or Attitude is shown on the top-right. You need different amounts of Happiness for each sex-act. Some sex-acts GIVE you happiness. Click the Human face-circle to call Billy, Click it again to show options. Notice there are MORE than last time. Choose 'Finger Vagina' and notice Happiness is increasing. Once it stops increasing, choose it again or choose 'Finger Ass'. If you find the text-bubble comments annoying, you can turn comments off at the bottom-right. If you have removed the Peasant Crotch, you can choose Vaginal Sex once you reach 6 Happiness. If you are on Tier $1 or higher, clothing items will turn red when you mouse-over, and you can click to remove them. Notice that you lose some Happiness each time you remove clothing. Ensure you have 6 Happiness before choosing Vaginal Sex or you'll fail the sex-event. If you DO fail, just try it again. There is NO penalty for failure in the Billy storyline. You can change speed with the arrow buttons, and Tier $5 can choose an external cumshot on her back.

Town: Now's a good time to explain the Buttons. If you can't see any buttons, click the Black-Border area to show them:

(Look Around) So far, this has started the Billy-Mission-Sex-Event, but for most of the game it means you are trying to attract a PAYING customer. Attraction rates are affected by ALL your stats so let's take a look now

(Your Stats) show details about yourself. Some are static like age, weight, height, and Face. Other can be modified like measurements, cleanliness, and attitude. Click (Convert) to switch from Metric to 'American' if you want. All the stats combine to equal your Total Beauty. If it is below 10 you will not be able to attract customers outside the Slums! Try to (Reroll Stats) until they are at least above 10, but be careful, you only have 10 rerolls and the game auto-saves! Each Tier level gives a +10% bonus to stats, so Tier $5 would roll on average 40~60 Total Beauty. However, this is the ONLY part of the game that is more difficult on the lower tiers. Anyways, the MOST important stats to consider are AGE and Height! These cannot be changed and count for almost 25% of your beauty. So, try to get the tallest, youngest result, with over 10 Total Beauty. Note: this is NOT TRUE in reality. People have wide ranges of what they find attractive, but the game is based on math...You can increase Beauty later with clothing and surgery. For fun, choose a (New Name) This has NO effect on the game at all, so play with it as much as you like.

(Inventory) All the items you have. There are Two types. Static items like your World Map and HP Potions are used when you click them, or when a quest needs them. Fluid items like Condoms can be toggled On or Off with the (Use Item) button, will be used during sex events, mostly. They will run out, and need to be re-purchased.

(Food Stand) You can purchase food and will consume 1 food each night. You will auto-buy food locally each night if you have none. So far that is irrelevant because you haven't left the Slums, but in other areas, food and goods costs can be up to FIVE times as expensive as what you pay in the slums, so stock up before travelling!

(Talk to NPC) So far the NPC has just been your mother. However, many locations have an NPC. For example:

Market: Slippy the Thief: LATER, when your Affiliation is -10, he will teach you how to steal Food, Clothes, Potions...

Beach: Oceana: Sells Swank clothing, Eye Colors, change skin color, and a public shower...

Barracks: Guard: Sells Armor and Tattoos...

Slums: Your Mother. Moves the main storyline forward and allows the Billy-Sex-Events, which unlock all Sex-Moves!

(End Day) Firstly, the day auto-ends at 3am. Each action you do, location you travel to, and most buttons you click, moves time forward an hour, from 8pm~3am. Sex events use time based on sex-acts chosen and number of customers. You MUST eat and sleep when the day ends, so if you are NOT in a location where you rented an apartment you will pay for an expensive hotel or sleep in an alley, losing Health! This easily happens at the start of the game when you have limited money. For example: You move to the Market at 12:00 and start a sex-event, which ends at 3:00 and you're sleeping on the street and eating garbage, losing 25 Health! So, clicking (End Day) in the Slums will ensure you sleep at home and eat cheap food, losing no Health at least until you can afford to travel safely!

(Clothing) There are over 150 wearable items in the game and I REALLY didn't design this well... but...

In the (Clothing) menu there are 3 choices: (Clothes) (Hair Style) and (Other).

Clicking (Clothes) shows (Wardrobe) which returns to the main screen, (Peasant) (Next Group) and (Prev Group). Currently, you ONLY have Peasant clothing so (Next Group) and (Prev Group) cycle through empty clothing sets. Eventually, you WILL have Pirate, Swank, and Soldier clothing items and can access them with (Next Group) and (Prev Group). Once you click (Peasant) you can change your Peasant clothing. The first choice is 'Full Peasant' which allows to you remove or wear ALL clothing pieces in this set. Once you click (Next Clothes) or (Prev Clothes) you can individually choose which item to wear or remove. When finished click (Wardrobe) to return to the main screen.

(Hair Style) shows all the hair styles you've purchased. (Next Clothes) or (Prev Clothes) cycles through the list...

(Other) holds eye colors, jewelry, tattoos, and other accessories you find or buy.

(Apartment) or (Apt Rented) This button shows the apartment status for THIS location. If you don't have an apartment here, you can rent one. You can rent 3 apartments total in the city, which allows you to work in higher paying locations, without paying hotels or travelling home each night. Once you have an apt you will auto-pay rent every week, either from your bank-account or cash. If you can't pay, you get evicted and suffer a credit-rating drop. You can also take a bath at your apartment which refills your Cleanliness. (an important factor in your overall Beauty)

So, back to the storyline. First click (End Day) and then travel to the Docks. Click the South Green-Border ~beach~ or East Green-Border ~Market~ and then the South-East Green-Border to find the Market. Talk the the (Fish Monger) to buy drugs. Buy 3 (Happy Pills) for $25 so you have enough remaining for food. Be sure to enter the (Inventory) and toggle ON your Happy Pills (Use Item). Return to the Slums and buy more food to get your mother to progress the story further. If you are already broke, click (Look Around) to find a paying customer and earn some money first. Billy will bring along his buddy, Lizard this time, allowing your first gangbang.

Sex Event: Each different 'class' of partner can have sex at the same time but some actions conflict. Click the Human circle and set him to Pussy Fingering. Now, click the Lizard circle and set it to Pussy Licking. Notice the Human can no longer do fingering. Set the Human to Handjob. You can change back and forth between the Human and Lizard by clicking their circles if you want to change their individual sex-speeds and later sex-moves. Once both have orgasmed, end the sex event.

Town: At this point you should be nearly out of money, so will need to (Look Around) to find paying customers. You have only unlocked a few sex-moves however, so it's possible the customer will want a sex-act you can't perform. This is OK. You get paid a BONUS if you fulfill their desired sex-act but pass the sex-event as long as all customers have an orgasm.

Once you have more money, buy food for your mother and then learn Anal Sex from Billy

Sex Event: Click the Lizard circle and choose Face Licking to raise your Attitude. You can keep selecting this to raise your Attitude as high as needed. Set the Human to Fingering and when you have 8 Attitude, do Anal. Set the Lizard to Ass-Rub or Pussy Licking to finish.

Town: At this point you might notice the text is getting cut off at the bottom of the text-window. You can click the text-window to see a larger version of it, in case you want to see previous text-logs which is useful at day end as multiple messages may have been created. Click again to close it. You can also click the Outfit tab to close it, which reveals there are 2 other tabs there as well: Ratings and Medals. Open the Ratings tab by clicking it to see how you're doing in all aspects of the game. Click the middle of the open tab to close it. The Medals tab show the 26 medals working so far. Mouse-over shows the name and value. Once you unlock a few medals you can spend the points:

1 point = $100 which might be very helpful at the start of the game.

25 Points = Show HOW to get the medal in the mouse-over. Helpful for unlocking harder medals

50 Points = Cure all diseases, regain full HP (100) and get your 10 rerolls back as well.

There is MUCH more to do, and I've also added in more Storylines, and Casual Mode. The game now includes an in-game tutorial which explains more as well. I might add to this in the future, but this is good start for now!



Posted by SlingBang - June 24th, 2019

----------------------------------- Seven Sisters (Elf Adventure) Game Guide -----------------------------------

Game is here: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/734001

Seven Sisters (Elf Adventure) is an open-ended 'choose-your-own-adventure' style game with 7 possible endings. This game takes many in-game days to complete. Each day you choose paths, interact with people on that path, then sleep and repeat the process the next day. Since randomness affects days required to finish tasks, I don't include days in this walkthru. I just describe which task was completed. You may spend up to 50+ days to finish a sister, or as few as 1 day, if something bad happens.

Start Screen: There are 3 buttons.

\(^_^)/ goes to Upgrades and Sister Info. You need points from Medals to unlock them. Return after finishing Onetta.

Password allows you to raise your Tier and unlocks bonuses.

Start Game... starts... the game...

You can also click on the Newgrounds Icon to get... here... and the Patreon icon to get the passwords. At the top right is the release version, which when mouse-over reveals new additions.

Upgrades Screen: Upgrades are powerful and will speed up your game dramatically if used correctly. Each one helps you reach specific goals, endings or medals. You unlock them with points from Medals you earn after completing a Sister. Mouse-over tiles to read description and click to turn them ON or OFF. Some, like the clothing unlocks, are permanent and cannot be turned off until you erase your entire game and start over.

Sisters Screen: After finishing a Sister, you can click her name and see her Ending Image, Medals, and Life-Story. The Ending Image is a snapshot of her status when she finished the game. Clothing worn, Items, and body-status she had will be shown here. On the right are the medals she earned. Click this area to see a list of ALL possible medals in the game. At the bottom is a life-story compiled from the choices she made.

*Playing the Game*

When you start the game at the top left is a fading button to exit back to the menu at any time. Your game auto-saves each time you sleep, so if you exit it will not save the current day's events. You progress the story by clicking one of the three Options at the bottom. Next you click the story area above to load more options and click one of them to continue. During Sex Events you will click on the Image to progress the 'animation'. Some Options will appear, usually for higher tiers, and you can click them to change the sex event. Otherwise it will finish and the story will continue. When a Sister is finished, married or dead, you have the option to Start the Next Sister OR Load Saved game OR Exit.

Start Next Sister accepts this ending, transfers some of your best items to the next sister (based on your Tier) and starts the next sister.

Load Saved Game rewinds time to the start of the current day so you can choose different choices, if you didn't like that ending

Exit also erases the current day and returns to the Main Screen, if you want to change your Upgrades or Tier perhaps.

Info Tab:

At the right are three tabs. The first is Info. It lists your vitals, skills, and body.

If your Health reaches 0 you die and start the next sister. Increase it by eating Ham, Eggs, or Red Potions.

If your Energy reaches 0 you go home to sleep. Increase it by eating Bread, Seaweed, Vegetables, or Yellow Potions.

Gold is used to buy things. Find it by winning battles or digging in tunnels or unlocking Upgrades

Defence: reduces damage taken in battles. Increase it by finding stronger clothing.

Attack: increases damage you deal to enemies. Increase it by finding better weapons.

NOTE: Def and Att are the best clothing and Weapon you OWN, not what you are wearing. This allows you to change your outfit and retain the best stats for battles.

Resistance: Reduces damage taken from battles and Sex Events. Increase by eating Garlic and from having sex.

Swimming and Climbing: Needed to access new areas. Learn by paying the Soldier to teach you relevant skill.

Grace and Strength: Gained by climbing trees and mountains. Need Lv:3 to enter the Nobleman competition.

Breasts: Increase by eating Mushrooms. Need Lv:3 to enter Nobleman competition.

Waist: Decrease by swimming. Need Lv:3 to enter Nobleman competition.

Hips: Decrease by jogging. Need Lv:3 to enter Nobleman competition.

Ass and Vagina: Amount of Sex you've had.

Sex Tab:

The second tab shows the times you've had sex with enemies in the game. The first 5 times unlocks a piece of clothing, item or weapon. The Sixth time unlocks the ending for that Enemy, and finishes that sister. Most of the medals come from choices made here. Being loyal to one man, screwing them all, getting pregnant, type of sex chosen (higher tiers) cheating on sisters... and so on. If you click one of the enemies it will show current relationship status for all sisters with this enemy. There is also information about the BONUS brothel here as well.

Items Tab:

The third tab shows your Clothing, and Edibles. Clicking clothing will cycle through any you have found. Clicking an Edible will consume it. Bread, Seaweed, Vegetable, and Yellow Potion recover your Energy. Red Potion, Ham, and Eagle Egg recover your Health. Ginseng is used during Sex Events to force man to have sex again, with a second cumshot and is used during Sex, not here.

----------------------------------------------------- Walkthru ------------------------------------------------------------

I am including a 'walkthru' here to give players an idea of some paths possible. *This will reveal some Medals and secrets* as well as use some Upgrades. The walkthru will be for the FREE version (but I will put any optional paid content in brackets) so everyone should be able to play this path. Note that because some events are random your game might look different.

I started Onetta with (Ivory skin) medium blond hair, and blue eyes. I cleaned the attic, took the hat, and hugged my father, which unlocked the 'Daddy's Girl' Medal. Each day I took Bread, then sat on the mushroom and dug gold out of the tunnel, eating bread when hungry ~click the ITEMS tab at the top right and click Bread~ until I found 50 gold, unlocking the 'Gold Digging' Medal. Next, I ran from the Farmer, skipped the Merchant, and with GOLD purchased the swimming and 1 climbing upgrade from the Soldier. Then I went to the river, took a swim, and choose to PLAY DEAD, escaping the Tentacles. I climbed the tree and got caught by the Lizard. I had sex 5 times (Tier $5: using GINSENG) until I got impregnated by the Lizard (Tier $3: I only chose ANAL SEX and unlocked the 'Doing it Joseph style' Medal) Once pregnant, I had sex with the Farmer 5 times, then using the Pitchfork I beat the farmer once unlocking the 'So the Pointy End Goes Forward' Medal. Then I had sex the final 6th time and married him, unlocking the 'Adopt a Pet' Medal. (Tier $3: and the 'Singular Devotion' Medal by choosing vaginal sex on the SIXTH time we had sex) If you are on Tier $0 or $1 You should also have unlocked the 'Impregnation Desiration' Medal for having vaginal sex 10 times.

I started the next Sister, but before choosing any options, I clicked the EXIT button at the top left and clicked the \(^_^)/ button. You should have at least 50 Upgrade points (as many as 120 if on a higher Tier) I used 40 Points to unlock 'Increase Climbing Level to Max' It's 4 tiles over and 1 down. I used the other points for daily gold upgrades. You can click the Sisters button at the top right to view completed sisters. So far, only Onetta is done. You should know that the saved image here will be the EXACT image you see when the ending triggers. So, if you are triggering a sex ending and want to change the saved image, click the ITEMS tab and then click any of the clothing items to change them to others you have unlocked.

For my second sister, Twosia, I chose a 'gay' path, so skip this paragraph if you don't like 'gay' stuff. I chose short, black hair and black eyes with sand skin, (freckles) and no makeup, so she looks tomboyish. I chose to learn to fight and took the Knife, then beat up the Farmer or dug in the tunnel to get 50 Gold. I never ate any mushrooms, so keeping her breasts small. Next, with the climbing upgrade on, I went to the Orchard, ducked under the branch, climbed PAST the eagle nest and found the Magic Fountain on the top. I donated 50 Gold, ate an orange and grew a penis. After sleeping, which saves the game, I returned to the upgrades and turned Off the climbing and gold upgrades and used 50 Points to turn On the LadyBoi upgrade, 7 over and 3 down. (Tier $5: I also chose Futa-Penis cums, and No Foreskin) I went to the Merchant and sold my virginity for a discount unlocking the 'Worst Deal Ever' Medal, however, since I'm a Ladyboi with no vagina anymore, the sex event changes to Anal sex, even on the $0 Tier! After 6 sex rounds with the Merchant I married him unlocking the 'Loyal' Medal and the 'Gold Digger' Medal. I started the next sister and then clicked EXIT before selecting any options to go back the upgrades page. I switched the upgrades to Health Items refill Full Health, Auto-Eat Health Items, Energy Items refill full Energy, Auto-Eat Energy Items, and increase Swimming level to Max. I also viewed Twosia in the Sisters page.

For Threem I chose long red hair, yellow eyes (Copper Skin, Freckles, and Streetwalker makeup) and sex with the neighbor boy to unlock the 'Throw it away' medal. I took the knife and played with my sisters to get a 25% bonus to seduce their husbands! Seduce the Merchant to get the 5-Item belt, unlocking the 'Sly Devil' Medal if you DON'T get caught by Twosia, and then fill the belt with 3 Meat and 2 Bread. Your Auto-Eat upgrades should keep you alive through all the following sex events. Go swimming and have sex with the Tentacle, then climb the tree to have sex with the Lizard. You can choose to REST in the nest to heal some health if you ran out of Meat. Now, try to have sex with the Farmer. If you get blocked by Onetta, try the Merchant. If Twosia catches you, have sex with the Soldier, unlocking the 'Insatiable' Medal. Next, go to the Orchard every day and fight the Eagle until you get the Claws. Then climb to the Eagle next and have sex with the Eagle, unlocking the 'Town Bicycle' Medal. Spend the rest of the time seducing the Farmer, by bribing him with less than 15 gold, to get the Pitchfork ($3 or $5 should have gifted the Pitchfork) which unlocks the 'Weapon Collector' Medal. Then have sex with the Farmer a sixth time to unlock the 'Just Desserts' Medal..

That is a brief walkthru of three sisters to give you an idea of the variety available. There are many sisters, medals, outfits, and paths still to choose. Have fun!

----------------------------------------------------- Medals -------------------------------------------------------------

There are 45 medals in the game. Here's an explanation how to unlock them. Each sister unlocks medals independently. Some medals are totally random luck and others require a higher tier level (either on Patreon or using the magic fountain)

5 Points

Throw it away: Have sex with the farmboy in the opening story

Worst Deal Ever: Sell your vaginal or anal virginity to the Merchant or Soldier

It grew back... Really!: Use the upgrade menu to regain your virginity

Lacking survival skills: Try to beat giant eagle by dancing around

Noob Fate: Get killed in your first battle

Sad Fate: Die a Virgin

Epic Fate: Die from Sex

Impregnation Desiration: Aquire 10 internal vaginal cumshots

Exterior Decorator: Aquire 10 external cumshots

I like Milk Chocolate: Aquire 10 internal anal cumshots

Gold Digger: Marry the Merchant

Daddy's Girl: In the starting story: Clean the attic, choose dad's hat and hug him every morning

So, the pointy-end goes forward?: Win a Battle

10 Points

Sly Devil: Have sex with your sister's mate the FIRST time you seduce him without getting caught

Noble Fate: Die from being poisoned by the Nobleman's lover

No Money, No Honey: Only have sex with Brothel Customers

Oh, the Feels: Have an Orgasm 80% of the time during sex

Gold Digging: Dig up 50 gold in the tunnel under the mushroom

'Dig' Gold: Collect 250 gold in your pouch

Animal Lover: Have sex with all the animals before any humans

Continuing the Cycle: Get Pregnant from a Brothel Customer

I'm getting the hang of this: Win 5 Battles

5-Star Weapon Collector: VERY difficult to unlock since I forgot to finish coding it. Start a new sister. Max your fighting stats, then before having sex, get the Talons by beating the eagle in the Orchard. Enter the brothel and sell your virginity ONLY to the Ranger, Fighter, or Rogue. Be sure to Haggle! You should get the Sword. Sell your other virginity to get the Axe. It will require some luck, so be prepared to Exit before the game saves and retry a few times!

15 Points

First time's the Charm: Focus on pendant to escape sex and preserve your vaginal virginity.

Just Desserts: Have sex with your sister's husband six times then get killed by her

Bad Business Decision: Sell your virginity to a Brothel Customer, then get tricked and don't get paid for it.

Loyal: Only have sex with one partner

Doing it 'Joseph' style: Have anal sex with the Lizard and get pregnant from its second penis squirting on you

Virgin 'PandA' for Sale. Expensive!: Haggle in the Brothel to up-sell both your Pussy and Ass virginity

Fishing for Compliments: Fish in the river until you find the Jade pendant

Insatiable: Have sex with 3 different partners in one day

Who's your Uncle?: Get pregnant from your sister's mate

My blade is soaked in their blood: Win 10 Battles

20 Points

Singular Devotion: Don't have vaginal sex until you get 'married. (sixth sex event with same male)

Creating Family Drama: Get caught seducing 3 of your sister's husbands in ONE day

All Shall Fall: Beat the Peasant, Eagle, Tentacle and Lizard in battle

Town Bicycle: Have sex with all 6 enemies in the game

Practice makes Babies: Take 10 vaginal cumshots before getting pregnant

I chalk my hands with their crushed bones: Win 15 Battles

25 Points

Jerry Springer Candidate: Have sex with four of your sisters' husbands

Delusional Love: Only have sex with your sister's husband 6 times, then get killed by that sister

Live by the Sword... Beat the Peasant, Eagle, Tentacle and Lizard in battle, then die in battle from low health

'Adopt' a Pet: Get impregnated by an animal, then marry a human

Statistical Improbability: Get pregnant the first time you have vaginal sex

Cries for mercy only fuel my rage: Win 20 Battles


Posted by SlingBang - June 3rd, 2019

Just a note, since I haven't uploaded any games here in awhile. I am currently working on TWO new games that are in the testing stage. I have released them on Patreon so Patrons can help test them and get to play them early.

Elf_adventure is almost finished. I have maybe 1 or 2 months of work, (depending on how I want to end the game) so should be released here in August, possibly.

Sukhon_Reloaded is just started. I am ~trying~ to rebuild the game to add in multiple women, new locations, more stories, and other stuff like: apartments, diseases, missions, gambling, criminal or business paths... Like I said, it's early still so no idea where it's going. There IS a working alpha on Patreon, with hiring of multiple women and Ladyboy customers.

If you donate $1 on Patreon you can play BOTH of these games. (Higher donations unlocks more content as well) Otherwise, you can wait a few months and Elf-Adventure should be released here to play for free.


Posted by SlingBang - July 7th, 2018

I never wrote a walkthru since I 'thought' I'd answered all these questions before. After searching through the 23 pages of comments and all my emails I realized I had... but to multiple different people. So... I'm compiling all the info here for a Walkthru, Medals, and Hidden items.

----- Walkthru -----

You can get all three endings and every piece of clothing in one game but it's not gonna be as much fun as 3 games. Here's how I did it: 

I started a new game. I did the Oral-Sex path first, buying only coffee, crickets, and spicy soup every day and paying off any debt immediately. Sell Alcohol at the Pussy Club to raise your Rep. until you can borrow 3000. I borrowed 3000 from the pimp ONCE to buy the blanket and Temple upgrades giving +1Hr and +10% money. Buy every Bridal Item in the Night Market. Pay to have the vendor look again to find them faster. Each one increases your BJ offers.

*IMPORTANT* I did NOT move the Pussy club reputation forward. Keep the pimp at the 3000 baht offer but don't take it again. Also, buy NOTHING (no items or temple upgrades) except Makeup and food!***** I went through all 30 days and had found all the Bridal Clothing Items and 21,300 Baht.

Buy the plane ticket home to use up all 20,000 Baht. You want to be close to 0 Baht for the Bondage ending.

Next I moved the pimp forward to the 5000 baht offer. Borrowed it and spent it all on items and temple upgrades, every day saying NO TO ALL SEX and buying all the food everyday to increase my debt. Every 5 days I borrowed another 5000 baht and spent it all, never paying any debt off, obviously. I repeated this pattern for around 12 days before I got the Bondage ending. Then I actually kept myself in debt for ANOTHER 18 days (60 days into the game now) just to get all the Bondage clothing pieces as well. You seriously could stay in debt forever by repeating this cycle: borrow 5000 baht every 5 days and buy all the food every day and do NO sex at all. (and DON'T move the pimp forward or you lose the 5000 baht option)

Next I aimed for the Priestess clothing and that is easy, Just say YES to all sex and buy all the makeup every day, and visit the temple shrine every night. took me 154 days total until I had all the Priestess clothing. I was Priestess level 12, had donated 624,774 BAHT to the temple, and also had 11.5% of the SPC (230 shares) purchased.

----- Alternate gameplay idea from: lrdjms -----

First off is bondage. The trick to getting the bondage ending is that you have to get into alot of debt, and you have to get into it fast. Your general day should include saying no to any sex offers, followed by blowing money on clothing, makeup, the gods, everything aside from food and drink. at night go to the pimp's place and click the "sell alcohol" button, this will increase your reputation. 

eventually the pimp will offer you a loan of 5k, take it and blow the money, after the time alloted for the loan has passed, he will offer you the 5k again. Repeat process until you are completely in debt. At this point you should have no trouble getting the bondage ending. 

The bridal ending is a bit trickier, it's easier to do the bondage ending first, then after you get that ending, have sex with everyone as much as you can to get more upgrade points. once you have about 300 or so, go to the main screen and click erase data. This will erase your progress but keep your upgrade points. To get the bridal ending, you need to survive 30 days without having vaginal or anal sex, meaning only bjs. only accept people that ask for bjs, the first day you should spend money on the mango milkshake, crickets, and either the first dress or the wax and bleach your entire body. Every day after you should limit the money that you spend to crickets, mango milkshake, and slight increases to the gods for increased sexiness, the client one and the god of wealth. IMPORTANT, whenever the dude shows up to offer to sell you bridal items, buy them( with the 300 or so upgrade points you have from the previous game). I cannot stress how important this is to the bridal ending, as if you don't get asked for bjs your going to go bankrupt and be forced to do bondage. if you follow this and spend your money on slight upgrades you will make it to the bridal ending. 

Also, for people that don't know, if you want to get the "special" sex positions, go to the pimp's place, and sell alcohol, after you've done this enough then misty will talk to you about these new sex positions. 

Hoped that helped people and btw this is a great game.

----- Medals -----

Average Workday: Work 9 hours each day. You must have a day where you make less money than your costs for that day. You will be given 1 more hour to work. Buy the mattress and pay the Temple god of Wealth to get the other 2 hours.

Upset Stomach: Buy the spicy noodles each day and eventually you'll get sick from them.

You Go-Go girl: Sell alcohol at the Pussy Club to increase your Rep until the Pimp offers you a spot dancing at the club.

Illicit Access: Use a confidence booster to unlock a sex act. Easiest at the start. Just buy a Pina Colada to gain 10 Confidence and unlock the next sex act.

Have a gay old time: This can be very hard to find. You need to unlock the anal sex, have the penis, and have anal sex with an old man. It's a random chance so may take awhile.

Bonus Overkill: You need to buy (or have activated) all the cosmetics and food items that give bonuses in one day. 

Endings: see the walkthru above

Low self-confidence: You need to try to haggle a price and fail, then accept the lower price 3 times in one day.

Fully booked: You need to have a customer every hour of the day.

Meretricious Pulchritude: Have all the cosmetic items active in one day.

Millionaire: Earn 1,000,000 Baht throughout the course of the game.

Average American: Be $15,705 in debt.

----- Rare Items -----

There are 3 rare items in v.1.18. There is less than 0.5% chance of finding a rare item.

Cosmetic Kit: You gain the Makeup bonus everyday for free. Chance: Every day you buy makeup.

Hair Flower: You always have 100% Freshness. Chance: Every time you change a clothing item on the beach after having sex to increase your Freshness level.

Cell Phone: You can call a Client each day. Chance: Every time a client appears for sex.





Posted by SlingBang - July 4th, 2018

Level 1: Free but you won't be able to remove clothes on Emilie. You CAN remove April-May's clothes, in both her sex events. You can Enter the most recent Patreon password at the Save Point ( pulsing circle in your cell ) to unlock bonus sex content and clothing options.

You start in a jail cell. There is a skeleton in the top right. You can get a Sharp Bone and Skull Helmet from it.  You can equip them in the menu by pressing ESC or right-clicking. Click or press Space/Enter on the crack in the wall above you and break into a secret tunnel. Walk to the far right until you are peeking through a hole into Emilie's cell. A sex event will start and a prompt will ask if you want to enter a password if you haven't already. ( Choose the LAST option to not be annoyed by Patreon messages anymore. ) Next, break into the empty cell and open the door. Talk to either guard to get captured and learn more about Emilie. The second Emilie Event is available now...

Changed: You can skip all the rest of Emilie's Sex Events if you don't like 'impolite' sex. When you leave the cell again a message will alert you that you can break a bar off the door. Face left and click or press space/enter 2 times. You can break barrels now to find items. ( Note to you clever people: The game 'knows' you are reloading to try and get more items. It won't work! ) Now, you can break the barrel in in front of April-May's cell and she'll join your team. You can have sex with her in KEY ITEMS to find free items or gain XP for BB. If April-May gets Knocked-out you will need to 'Sleep 2 Hours' or use Coffee Beans ( Costs $75 ) so be careful since you need April-May to get past 4 guard posts! Give the guard in front of the right room a handjob.

You should be in a room with 3 drunk soldiers. Grab the bread off the table, and the Blue Clothes under the bed at the bottom-right. Break the barrel and search for the hidden poem. You can Equip the Blue Clothes to change BB's images. You'll need to give 2 more handjobs to get April-May to level 2. She learns the blowjob skill so use it to get past the other guard in front of the stairs. Get a Shield from the barrel, then go upstairs.

You can bet on the fight. It's random who wins... however... April-May can 'influence' the fight outcomes... at least until you get caught cheating! Three soldiers are important. One at the bottom will tell you the mayor has a gangbang planned. This unlockes the Third Emilie sex event ( Again, you don't have to watch it ). The Soldier at the right will sell you the Torch, which you need to finish the level. He'll also tell you to talk to his buddy in the storage room. You can't open the door so go up into the next room and break through the secret tunnel. He'll ask you who you are and you'll get different inventory items based on your answers. This doesn't matter right now but might in a future version of the game. The Soldier, behind the large table will sell you better weapons and armor but will also BLOCK the secret tunnel so talk to him last ( Or just exit the floor and come back ). You really should buy all the weapons and armor but at least buy the recuit sword as you'll need it later. You can grab more Bread off the table and break the barrels. Have sex with the guards until April-May is on level 3. Then you can have a threesome with the Guard Captain. Go down the second stairs to save Emilie. Enter the tunnel directly above April-May's cell to end the level. There is also a second 'bad' ending but you can only achieve that BEFORE Emilie joins your group. Run out of time to see the 'bad' ending.


Level 2: Free now too. Higher donations tiers give better rewards in treasure boxes and lower merchant prices.

Once you enter the tunnel there is a save point on the right. Note that sleeping will bring all the monsters back to life ( otherwise there's no challenge ) After beating the first 2 ratmen, Fletch and Gurk run away and you have some path choices. I'd go right first and collect the two barrels and a wooden treasure box. ( 1, 2 or 3 Parrafin Torches ) This allows you to see further in the dark. You should also be able to break the cracked walls by now. There have been 4 up until this point. Next go up and left to beat a ratman and a barrel and 2 cracked walls. Once you have learned the Spinter skill you can break the big log and enter the second half of the cave. Directly above is a ratman guarding 2 barrels, dirty water, and some sticks. ( You can use Sticks to start a fire and cook the raw meat you find ) You can also sleep now and only have to beat 1 ratman to get back here.

There is a merchant and Fletch at the top left. The merchant's goods are overpriced so only buy them as a last resort. You might want to buy the Rat clothing, if you are having a hard time winning them from battles. You will need the Recruit sword so buy it if you don't have it. Talk to Fletch. If you say 'YES' you will get a $5 bonus for sex with both Gurk and Fletch. Once AM is level 6, she can have sex with all men a second time (so total profit is $20) If you charge him to find Gurk, he'll pay you $15 now, no waiting. If you don't have sex with Fletch now, he'll join in a gangbang with Gurk later. To find Gurk go right and up, under the bridge, up the ladder, cross one bridge. Here you can go up to open a chest with a Disable-Herb ( Chamomile, Valerian Root, Chloroform, or Rohyphnel ) that will disable Sakila in the boss battle later. Cross the second bridge, down around the black rock and up to find Gurk. After saving Gurk, you can keep heading down and find the hidden treasure. ( $60, $85, or $100 ) Once you've learned the Smash skill you can break the wall with lava dripping out of it and find a secret area to upgrade your Recruit Sword into a Fire Sword. Just watch your HP. If you die here it's Game Over! On the way back you can cross the bridge near where Gurk was to find 2 barrels, another Lava-dripping-rock with a Rare item inside, AND a Recover-Plant ( coffee, tobacco, khat, or cocaine )

Now you can go have the gangbang with Fletch and Gurk, then challenge Samilia. You'll want to slap her ass twice to reduce her attack power and  attack the Knife arm. Use the Disable-Herb when she recovers from the ass-slapping so you don't take 40 damage! slap her ass again and eat some Cooked meat. After the knife is gone you can hit her body to win. *** Spoiler *** Alternate Ending for Samilia: Remove her Pants and Undies. Once her ass is naked, use slap-her-ass 4 times to make her orgasm. *** End Spoiler *** Note: BB's level 2 skill, Back Sex is NOT coded for Samilia or April-may yet. I'll try to add it in a future update.


Level 3: Patreons only. Higher donations tiers give better rewards in treasure boxes and lower merchant prices.

After beating Samilia you can enter the Beggar-Camp. There's some sticks on the left and the save-point on the right. Talk to the Farmer, enter his tent, try his tea, and April-May can have sex with him. Illogically, you can also steal anything you want out of the tents and no one seems to notice! Major Tom, is on ground-control so won't let you into the camp and you can't climb the vine yet so head right and take part in Dr. Beus' experiment. Ignore his good advice and head into the forest, having Emilie mate with Lizardmen until she can climb vines. Then, go north, up the vines, grabbing the sticks and searching the mushroom-covered log. Walk north off the screen and ascend the Sacred Mountain! There are 4 logs with item chances here and the Lizard Sage will ask you to find 5 Orchalillies. Go all the way back to the Beggar-Camp and climb the vine behind the Farmer's tent. Beat the Lizardman, search the log, go down the other vines, and April-May finds another customer, the woodsman. He won't let you pass however, so climb back up, grab a pumpkin and toss it on his head.

In the village, search the hidden log, then go west to the checkers game. Have April-May seduce the Colonel, then follow him into his tent, rob him and exit the back door. Follow the path to fins your 1st Orchalilly! Return and talk to the other checker's player. He gives you a mission and a letter for a Sailor. The next tent is the final 'boss battle' so I'd skip that right now. Head south to the docks. You can talk to people, buy silk wear to complete your outfit, and even sell your Orchalilly to the Item-shop woman. ( There are 7 Orchalillies in the level. You need 5 for the Sage, so can sell 2 safely ) Buy Rice, then talk to the fishmonger in front of the tent and buy 1 Cod and 1 Tuna. Use the Rice to make Sushi with the Tuna, and give it to him. Now, you can sneak into his tent to get the 2nd Orchalilly. Don't miss the chest behind the tree. ( contents are based on your Tier ) Go south, and enter the outhouse. Toss toilet-paper into the toilet, then jump into the toilet... Yes... and follow the tunnel East. Trade the Cod to the Lizardman for the 3rd Orchalilly. Head back to the docks and talk to the sailor on the largest boat. He wants $300 to take you aboard and when you pay it, you still need an Exit Pass. You get this in the final battle so ignore this for now.

Next, you'll be heading into the Forest to fight Lizardmen, so ensure you have all the supplies you need. You must have 2 Torches, and the Beggar-knife before leaving. Walk back to Major Tom and he'll kick you out of the camp. Head East into the Forest. Follow the path, beat the first 2 Lizardmen, climb the vine and beat the third one too. You should have learned ASCEND by now so climb up the green vine and get the treasure chest. Go back down, and behind the tree, just under the bird's nest is a secret hole. Fall in and light a torch. Collect all the treasures and then climb up the green vine and forge your Beggar-Knife into a Fire-Knife in the lava pit. Be careful. If you die here, it's Game Over! Go back and re-enter the forest again. Keep following the path to beat three more Lizardmen and get the 4th Orchallily. On the way back, if you've learned the SHIMMEY skill, cross the tightrope to get the 5th Orchalilly. Otherwise, come back later. When you exit the forest, you should go talk to the Sage again. After you reveal his plot he will trade you ALL of his gold jewelry for the 5 Orchalillies. ( If you don't reveal his plot he only gives you pieces you haven't found already ) Finally, you can enter the Jail tunnel near your save-point. Use a Torch, walk past Samilia, go East then north under the bridge. Fight the Red Ratman, climb up, cross one bridge, go north, then east, and there's a vine leading to five barrels and a wall stash. If you haven't learned SMASH yet, fight ratmen until you do. You need it for the next part.

Exit the cave, walk back to Major Tom and he'll let you in now. Go north up two vines and break the rock blocking a cave. In the cave are two wall stashes and a barrel. Exit to the east and follow the path to find the 6th Orchalilly! Return, exit the cave, and cross the nearby tightrope to collect the 7th Orchalilly. Now, if April-May is level 6 she has learned ENTICE which allows her to have sex with all the men a second time. Ensure She is wearing all 5 gold jewelry items to increase her prostitution price by about $3 per customer. ( You can also have sex with Fletch and Gurk again, but will need to use another torch ) Now you should be ready to fight the 'boss'. Head back into the Beggar-camp and enter the center tent. Blue Bonnet must be level 2 to beat the Commander, so practice on April-May if needed.

Fighting the commander: You'll want to slap-her-ass and hit her legs to reduce her attack power. She will cast Flirt on you all the time, wasting your turn, unless you are undressing her each turn. The Fire-Knife's double attack really helps here. To win, push her nightie up and remove her undies. Then use BB's new special move 'Back Sex' to have sex with her. Once your Focus is at 100 you will cum inside her and win. ( Alternatively, you can use back-sex many times if you are not at 100 focus, increasing your reward points. Try using Cum-Face to keep your focus low ) Once you beat the commander you can talk to the Sailor again but NOW he needs a stamp on the Exit Pass, so you have to return to the final tent, with the angry half-bald guard. He will give you the stamp and you can leave the island, heading off to level 4! 


Level 4: Ocean voyage. Patrons Only.

Shorter chapter, mainly because I (wrongly) assumed it'd be easy to make an Octopus sex scene. It's working, but too triple the time I estimated. So... on the boat, you must complete a task each day before you can go to sleep. To start you must read the captain's diary, by his bed. Then talk to the captain. He'll want you to catch a Cod. climb the West mast to the top and wait for the cod to move under your player on the third pass. click or press space/enter to catch it. Guive it to the captain and he'll ask you to make dinner. Go below deck and grab a bread and wine bottle. Sit at the table and the captain will come in to eat dinner. After this you can sleep. Emilie will have a 'dream' with the octopus. Next day, follow the same steps except this time climb the East mast and the fish passes on the 4th loop. On day 3 you need to go down to the bilge and collect rope from the box in the middle. On day 4 you must catch a tuna. The position is the East mast in the middle. The tuna passes under you on the second pass. Tonight, Emilie will dissapear and you should save your game now! Go above deck and meet the pirates. Give or trade April-May away and then help the captain prepare for the storm by grabbing the canvas sails near the bread. At this point your 'new passenger' doesn't do anything but eventually I'll add her in similar to how April-May was. The next day the ship crashes on a desert island and that's it for this chapter so far.

I'll add a few more details for December. Likely, the Octo story conclusion and possibly a 'new passenger' sex event.


Posted by SlingBang - February 24th, 2018

I tried my best to error-check all my games but apparently, a whole busload of bugs still got in! One dedicated fan in particular found so many bugs I have setup this page to document them. Most (but not all) of these bugs have been fixed now so you can have a good laugh at my lack of Quality Control skills!

Tile passibility errors allowed this player to get onto a roof. I actually 'fixed' this error by turning it into a secret path to a garden. I told him I had fixed the error...


So, then he sent me this image:


Another time he found a way to get knocked unconscious on a screen that didn't have code to teleport Harlot home and instead Harlot appeared to be sleeping everywhere:



Later, he found a way to get Abby out of the spa without getting dressed and sent many images of her frolicing naked all over the place:


One of the most astonishing bugs he found was a was to sneak into the village at night. Eventually, he showed me how he did it. The vines allowed sideways exiting  to the Mayor's cliff as can be seen below:


He also found a way into the secret cave where there is scuba gear  (which is not unlocked yet) and then managed to get onto the main map with scuba gear. and swim around... Seriously, I don't even know:


But likely the funniest bug/exploit he found was using save-scumming to get Abby to negotiate up the prices in the brothel to absolutely ridiculous levels. 4 TRILLION for sex? Sounds reasonable:


Hilarious! But the best part was the next morning, when Abby wanted her 25% cut of  $1 TRILLION . Hahahaha! Sorry, but the $99 MILLION (max $ limit) you have just won't be enough:


Good times. He continues to find new bugs for me and has given permission for me to post them here, so I'll keep adding any new funny ones that come up.


Posted by SlingBang - October 3rd, 2017

Harlot's Path: Walk Through. 

Day 1: 

At the start of the game enter your Hovel, talk to Lamer and give him a TitJob to get Bread. DON'T Search the room yet! Go outside, go north to the Farm and choose the Carrots Job from the Guard. Pick 6 carrots, and let yourself run out of Energy. You will faint and wake up in your Hovel.

Day 2: 

 Use the bread Lamer gave you to restore you Energy then go talk to the Vine Guard. Give him a BlowJob for 25 Coins, unlocking the Debt Reduction Medal. Be sure to choose 'Cum in Mouth' and 'A Few Shots', to ensure you don't faint again. Now, you will already be on Level 2! (This increases your Stats, allowing you to choose more options in Sex Events) Search the nearby log for 8 Coins. Go back into your hovel and search it for Bread, Water and 8 Coins. Refill your Energy and Seduction, then give Lamer another Titjob. Go to the farm and finish the Carrot Job properly this time. Talk to Timmy after filling the box to get a free carrot. Get paid, go home and sleep. 

Day 3:

 give another Titjob to reach Level 3. You learn a new skill Energize, which refills some Energy. Then, go to the farm. Skip the cabbages and pick the Flower Job instead, eating bread when needed. Collect the water and Orange Flowers near the cabbage patch. Talk to the flower Granny to get the Day Pass. Get paid, Go home and Sleep.

Day 4:

give a fourth Titjob. You can use the Day Pass to enter the village. Talk to the Dreamer boy then collect 15 gold in the log beside him. Walk straight down and Spy on the girls to unlock the Peeping Tammy Medal. Knock on the Spa House door to get 20 Coins. Cross the 2 bridges and collect 15 gold in the log and the mushrooms on the left ledge. Chat with the Arborist if you want to learn some back-story. Talk to the Head Guard LAST because he will throw you in 'jail'. Escape, then go past the campsite and down the trail to get mushrooms and a Ginseng plant. Then back up to enter the cave. Collect 10 coins from 2 vases and find mushrooms in a crevice. Buy bread from Lamer. Exit and go back to the farm. Pick the Mushroom Job using carrots or bread to recover halfway through. Go home and sleep.

***Secrets will be revealed in this WalkThru. Stop now if you want to find them yourself.***

Day 5:

 Titjob, then your last day on the farm. Choose to cut down bushes. You will gain the first special item: Axe! Cut the closest bush then descend the vine to get 15 Coins. Cut all the other bushes down, eating bread when needed then go to the firepit at the top and burn them. Get paid 10 Coins from the Guard but DON'T leave. Eat a Mushroom, then in the Skill menu you can use Energize to refill your Energy. Ensure you have over 145 Energy then go across the river and give the Old Man a Handjob. Now, descend the nearby vine and get 8 more Coins in the crevice. Walk off the screen to the right. Find 15 coins in the crevice, go down the vine to get mushrooms, Walk around until you find the grass tuft, step on it to fall down to a bridge. open the chest to get Wine. Return to the village and talk to your mother's grave. Use a flower to gain full HP/MP. Talk to the Vine Guard again and learn more about your mother. Enter the village and use the Axe to cut the dead bush near the Spa. Follow the trail to the back of Anno's house and enter. Give the dog his bear, collect 30 Coins from the vase and steal a carrot. You'll have over 150 Coins now. (If you fainted or bought items you won't have 150 Coins. That's fine. Just work at the farm another day or two or sell items to the Merchant Lady. Keep the Ginseng and Wine) Go back to the Vine Guard and upgrade your Day Pass into a Permission slip. You can say NO to the guard if you want to get a -25HP beating. Otherwise give him a Blowjob. Go back into the village and enter Anno's house. When you are standing BESIDE him use the Wine and then the Ginseng. Drink your water to gain at least 15 Seduction and use your mushrooms to gain Focus. Now enter the Skill tab of the Menu and use the Energize skill to refill at least 150 Energy. (If you don't have all these items,you will likely faint from sex with Anno, unless you have over 200 Energy. That's OK, you just lose a day and some Coins) Talk to Anno. Listen to his story then have sex. Choose default options for everything so you have 15 Seduction to remove the Undies and allow sex. You should be Level 5 now and learn the Beautify skill, which refills some Seduction. Afterwards, go to his room and choose the 90 Coin payment to receive the best rate from Anno subsequent times. You can eat the Fruit in the kitchen to regain your Energy but it's better to save it for later. Now, return to the farm (Still on Day 5!) and choose 'Talk to Farm Guard' instead of a job. Sherman will ask you to mulch his leaves at the broken house. Go home and sleep.

Day 6:

Give Lamer his Titjob. You should be able to remove your shirt now. By now Lamer's friend should have arrived so you can let him cum on your face too, after Lamer is done with you. Buy Bread and Water as needed, then give the Vine Guard a BJ. Have sex with Anno again. Leave your undies on to unlock the Fail at Sex medal. Try again. Use Wine and Ginseng if you want. They both provide 3~6 uses. You should now be Level 6. Ensure you have over 100 Energy and mulch the leaves in the yard. You can also wash your clothes at the clothesline for fun. Return to the farm and get paid 12 Coins for mulching the leaves. Sherman will give you another job and the Power Gloves! Refill your Energy and Seduction. Note that the bush no longer blocks access to Gramps, so give him another handjob, then go home to sleep.

Day 7:

Refill, then use the Power Gloves to move the rock near your hovel. Follow the path and grab the Flowers, then talk to the Trickster. There are multiple ending paths here so choose what you want. Just be sure to allow SOMETHING or else he will rob you, taking ALL your coins over 100. Also, be careful not to step on the leaves because he won't have sex with you twice in one day (until you learn Entice at Level 13) so will just rob you. On the way back to your hovel, move the rock 2 more times to jump down to the campsite, getting the water on the ledge. Trade the stick to the camper for the Fishing Rod. You can now catch fish in the river and return to the camper to make Fried Fish, worth 25 Focus! Note that you can now climb down the nearby rock edge to avoid the Vine Guard each day, although you should be having sex with everyone to increase your levels. Enter the cave again and move the rock to get 25 Coins and mushrooms. Exit near your hovel, then give your mother Flowers again to refill. Go to Sherman's house and move the rock from the Brothel door. Clean the boards and collect the book from the dresser. Refill, then do Anno. Visit the spa and collect the third Flowers. Talk to your mother again to refill and unlock the Gold Supplication medal. Return to the farm to get paid 15 Coins for cleaning the boards. Give Gramps a RubJob and proceed to Level 7. You learn Hornify which acts like Wine, reducing SP used during sex. Go home and sleep.

Day 8: 

By now if you carefully user your SP with Wine or Hornify, you can get the 10 Shot combo medal. You need to let Lamer cum 5 shots and then his friend 5 as well. (or 4 and 6) Suck the Guard off, Plant the flowers, don't forget Anno and the Trickster. Get paid 18 Coins from Sherman, stroke Gramps then off to sleep. Harlot should be Level 8 by now.

Day 9:

From now on, keep having sex with everyone possible each day to raise your levels. Buy the bushes from the Arborist. Save 180 Energy for planting the Bushes. Talk to Sherman again to get paid $42, do Gramps, then sleep.

Day 10:

Today is a big day! You should be at Level 9 and have learned Muscle Control, reducing Energy used during sex.Move the rock by the hovel to jump down to the campsite. Follow the path until you reach a Brown Rock. Turn it into a Stepping Stone. Continue on down the path and take the Granny's quest. She will give you the Bounce Boots. Run back up to the cave and go left to the underwater river. Jump over where it is narrow. Grab the 30 Coin vase then go West. Ignore the stairs and go North to the exit. Jump across the river on the lilypads, run down to the blue-roof house by the spa. Image of path to run is below:


Give him the Herbs and get 40 Coins. He'll tell you to fetch Abby, the pink-bandana girl. Run over towards the merchant then go down and jump over the cliff gap to sneak into the spa to recharge your energy. Darlene will evict you but enter again to have sex with Abby. Continue down and jump across the water to the Orange Tree. Once each day you can come here to get a free Orange. Retrace your steps, and jump back across the river to get the Water. Re-enter the cave and collect the 40 coin vase. Jump the top river to find a 50 Coin vase. Exit here and you'll be at the North Cliffs. Turn Right and jump the gap. Check the crevice for Dragon Eggs! Jump back across and slip off the grass tuft. Climb onto the tightrope and try to cross the river. You'll fall in the river and end up near the Vine Guard, unlocking the '3 Baths' Medal. Go North a few steps then jump West across the lilypad and get the second Stepping Stone. Run over to Trickster Park and climb up the first ledge. Jump West to get the Third Stepping Stone. Climb to the top to get the pink flowers. They are Magic Herbs that allow you to entice a second sex event out of your client. (Only works on Anno, Lai, Doctor, Abby) Go to the Arborist and notice the path South down the cliff is open now. Grab the Wine and jump the lily pad to get the 4th Stepping Stone. Go back into the central cave and climb the green vine near the river. Jump around until you find the skeleton to unlock the Dark Secret Medal. Now, go up the stairs in the cave to enter Lai's house. Ensure you have over 300 HP or use Muscle-Control and get your ass pounded by Lai. Finally, save 100 Energy to build the foot path in front of the Brothel. Go back to the Granny and she'll thank you and leave. Grab the Magic Herb. Click on the house to enter a secret path to the garden to get Grapes. These also replenish daily. Then, get paid 27 Coins from Sherman and learn about his sad story.

Day 11: 

Have sex with everyone as usual. You should be Level 10. Buy boards from Bob the Build- I mean Arborist. Have 200 Energy to install them. Return to Sherman and he will write you a letter to rent to Brothel from Anno. 

Day 12:

Rent the Brothel from Anno. You'll need 300 Coins. Have sex with everyone. Ensure you have 160 EN and sweep the floor in the Brothel. Throw the broken vas into the river and get a Vial of Semen off the shelf. Find or Buy 3 oranges and spend 90 EN to clean the blood stains off the floor. Visit Bob the Arborier and buy 7 floor tiles. On the way out, grab the sign leaning against the tree. Put the sign above your door and use 280 EN to fix the floor. You'll find the Balance Cap. Read the letter in the fireplace to learn what happened to George. Have sex to get $150, then ask Bob to build you a new Table. You'll have to return tomorrow to pick it up. Sneak down the nearby cliff and cross the tightrope to grab your daily Grapes from the garden. Run down the secret path and enter the jail cave. jump the river and head to the top right exit. Cross the tightrope and collect the sperm from the first treasure box, then carefully walk onto the roof to get the perfume. Use it to gan 15 SP permenantly. Save your game then try to sneak past the Mayor's wife. Just for 'fun' get caught and you'll be thrown into jail. RUN through the campsite, down the trail, over the small tightrope, up through the Arborium and in front of the Head Guard. You can now exit the town. Go 'chat' with the Orc to unlock the 'Escape' medal.

Day 13: You should be Level 11 so use Erectify to get more XP and Coins. (Works on Anno, Lai, Mayor and Abby) To get past the Mayor's wife move when she is not looking at you. Hiding places are: 1:beside piano, 2:behind apples, 3:behind chairs. 4: run for stairs. You only have 4 chances to move before she catches you.If you can't do it, either skip it or type 'silly' into the password board then take the axe out of the nearby stump and kill her. Learn about your father from the Doctor. Save your game before choosing to 'End it all'. Reload your game and choose to live. Collect your new Table from Bob. On the way home buy Wallpaper, Bedsheets and 2 Curtains from the merchant. Click on the broken wall, and the two windows to install the new items. Install your Table then go back to Bob and order a new Vanity. You have to wait 2 days to collect this one which gives you more time for making money to pay for everything! Once you've had sex with everyone, return to your Brothel and click the bottom of the bed to apply the new bedsheets. Now you can sleep here instead of the Hovel!

Day 14: You should be Level 12 by now. Have sex with everyone (or just Anno and Lai with Erectify to get paid) then buy the Kitchen Sink from the Merchant and install it. Visit the Doctor to get a 'checkup' and see if you're pregnant. If you are, that man will give you a small bonus after sex. (Personally, I only let Lai cum inside Harlot's pussy since he gives a the best reward: Roast Beef. Don't forget to remove her panties!) Click the flowers on the Mayor's table to buy Magic Herb for $50. Fall off the balcony and run east past the pool to get another Magic Herb. You can jump down the ledge and might as well grab up the free orange and grapes, then go to sleep.

Day 15: Pick up your Vanity, return to the Brothel and install it, then order the Dresser from Bob. Sex up the town again, then sleep.

Day 16+17: Nothing much to do other than sex. If you used many Magic Herbs you'll be at Level 15 which unlocks all the extra Sex scenes for the Guard, Anno, and Lai. Otherwise, you'll be Level 14 by now.

Day 18: Pick up and install the Dresser. Now you can buy 2 windows from the Merchant. Steal 2 lillacs from the windows on the main floor of the Mayor's house for your windows. Then go talk to Abby. She will join your team and open the Brothel for 10% of your earnings. If you pay 17% she will also negotiate with any Brothel customer. At 25% Abby will negotiate with your existing clients and get most of them to pay significantly more. It's your choice and you can jump to a higher fee each morning. Talk to the Merchant again and buy the Log Book. Note you must have finished all Brothel repairs before the log Book will appear. The Brothel has 5 Customer slots but only 30% chance of a customer appearing. Go talk to Bob the Arborier and he will agree to visit the Brothel. You now have a 40% chance of a customer! Talk to the Camper and he'll visit too. Up to 50% chance! Buy Advertising Pamphlets and use them on Abby each day (3~5 uses each) to gain 1 more customer slot. Note that in the Brothel the ONLY skills Harlot is allowed are Hornify and Muscle Control. Do all the customers that show up, ensuring you have enough Energy, and then sleep, ensuring you keep enough coins to pay Abby tomorrow. The best idea is to only buy items in the morning AFTER paying Abby as it's really annoying losing her services AND the Brothel for an entire day.

Day 19: You might have noticed that in the Brothel the cumshots stay for the next customer, allowing Harlot to be totally covered eventually. This is fun but it does lower the price men will pay to have sex with her. Washing your clothes fixes this but also erases all cum layers, so I just do it once before bed. You should really upgrade Abby to at least 17% so you can start increasing her level through negotiations. Abby has spells but they are cast with Seduction points NOT Focus (I know... It wasn't well planned out) so don't waste any Tree Nuts on her. Also, don't use Pamphlets on Harlot! You can get Abby to do you doggy-style if you take your panties off in the Vine-Guard sex event (after Feb 15 or donate on Patreon) Get Abby to negotiate with every Brothel customer until she is at least level 3. She gains XP even if she fails. Ensure you keep an eye on her Energy and refill her when needed. Buy at least one Smelling Salts to revive Abby in case you forget. You can use Smelling Salts later in the game as well... (hint, hint) I also use the Perfume on Abby to bump up her magic power at the start. If any customer wants a BJ you can remove your panties and get a gangbang (after Feb 15 or donate on Patreon) Just be sure to plan ahead and have extra Energy since you take twice the 'damage' from 2 men! When you're done having sex, go to sleep. 

Day 20: Remeber to collect up the Orange and Grapes each day and buy Brothel upgrades. The order isn't important, but I buy the Wall diploma and Incense to get more money, then buy the Roof Tiles slowly. Harlot learns Entice at Level 16. allowing her to 'entice' clients (but not Brothel customers) to have sex twice in a day. After this point I focus on increasing Abby's levels. The fastest way to do this is pay her 25% and talk to all your clients again. She will convince most of them to pay more money and increase her levels at the same time. She'll even stop the Vine-Guard from blocking your entrance to the village. Then, once Abby is Level 3 talk to the Head-Guard and Lamer's friend to get 2 more Brothel customers. 

Day 21: Use Abby's 'Logical Argument' skill on each customer and you should reach Level 5. Abby learns 'Emotional Appeal' so go talk to the Boy in front of Anno's house to gain a new customer. Then talk to Gerald at the spa to gain another customer. By now Harlot should also be level 16, which allows her to use 'Mega-Erectify' on Anno, Lai, Trickster, Doctor and in the Spa, to get 3 cumshots in one Sex Event.

Day 22: After all 6 Brothel negotiations, Abby should be Level 6. There are many secret areas and events in the game that I don't generally reveal, but since there is nothing else today... When you are in Lai's kitchen, wait until the wife runs past you to the left. Now, you can run into the kitchen and steal Roast Beef out of the stove! She won't be able to catch you because she bounces off Abby! haha! While you're at it, go to your Hovel and use Abby to slowly corral Lamer into the far lower right corner, near your bed. Once he is caught he'll give you free mushrooms. You can do this daily if you want.

Day 23: Keep on leveling Abby up. Another secret area is unlocked once you give the Camper 4 fishes. He'll teach you the 'Forestwalk' skill which allows you to walk through the shaggy trees. Keep following the path to the bottom-right and find the first secret area. The second is down the 'Suicide Forest trail' There are others as well. Try to find them!

Day 24: Abby should be level 7 and learn 'Fear Mongering'. Talk to the Mayor's guard. he'll direct you to William, who is the spa-master. Convince William to become a customer and then talk the the Mayor's guard again to get him as a cutomer as well. Bang everyone you can as usual. Mega-Erectify will get Anno, Lai and the Doctor to around $200 each by now.

Day 25: Abby should be Level 8 by now. Another fun secret is when you are nearly unconscious, go follow the Mayor's guard up the path. When he's at the top he will look left and right. Talk to him then to have a gangbang with him and Abby. The GREAT part is even if you are at 1HP, you won't faint. Instead you take a dip in the Mayor's pool and regain full Energy and Full Seduction! You can only do this 3 times in the entire game however, so use it sparingly.

Day 26: ---more later---

keep recruiting new people when Abby levels up. Once Abby reaches Level 9 you can recruit another girl, Mary, at the farm. She has only one sex act with Gramps so far. Her skills work up to Level 6. You can also open the basement and bury Geoege but nothing else yet.

That's it for now, but I add new content each month.


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Posted by SlingBang - August 29th, 2017

Harlot's Path is finished: 



I'm play-testing it currently. Likely will release it once school starts again, second week in September or so. There are 6 completed sex scenes to find as you progress through the 3+ hour game, and one more 'Ending' scene I will have to add later. Each scene can be replayed multiple times with more clothing layers removed and different cumshot options as you gain more Sex XP and rise in levels. In fact, one of the later sex events has Seven different cumshot locations! Leveling Up is from Sex. There are no battles or pointless dungeons in the game so no time is spent fighting trash-mobs. You just talk to people, solve problems, and have sex. I will continue to add more cumshots locations and POSSIBLY different clothing options or accesories over the next few months. For fun, I made a promo screen showing some of the different clothing options and cumshots available: