Entry #36

Funny Harlot's Path Bugs

2018-02-24 01:54:21 by SlingBang

I tried my best to error-check all my games but apparently, a whole busload of bugs still got in! One dedicated fan in particular found so many bugs I have setup this page to document them. Most (but not all) of these bugs have been fixed now so you can have a good laugh at my lack of Quality Control skills!

Tile passibility errors allowed this player to get onto a roof. I actually 'fixed' this error by turning it into a secret path to a garden. I told him I had fixed the error...


So, then he sent me this image:


Another time he found a way to get knocked unconscious on a screen that didn't have code to teleport Harlot home and instead Harlot appeared to be sleeping everywhere:



Later, he found a way to get Abby out of the spa without getting dressed and sent many images of her frolicing naked all over the place:


One of the most astonishing bugs he found was a was to sneak into the village at night. Eventually, he showed me how he did it. The vines allowed sideways exiting  to the Mayor's cliff as can be seen below:


He also found a way into the secret cave where there is scuba gear  (which is not unlocked yet) and then managed to get onto the main map with scuba gear. and swim around... Seriously, I don't even know:


But likely the funniest bug/exploit he found was using save-scumming to get Abby to negotiate up the prices in the brothel to absolutely ridiculous levels. 4 TRILLION for sex? Sounds reasonable:


Hilarious! But the best part was the next morning, when Abby wanted her 25% cut of  $1 TRILLION . Hahahaha! Sorry, but the $99 MILLION (max $ limit) you have just won't be enough:


Good times. He continues to find new bugs for me and has given permission for me to post them here, so I'll keep adding any new funny ones that come up.


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2018-03-01 04:57:00

"C'mon, Harlot! To the ROTFLcopter!"

SlingBang responds:

Hahaha! Now, if we only knew who the clever player was who found all these bugs...