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How to get Rare Items in Sukhon

Posted by SlingBang - July 22nd, 2021

Relevant to both 'Sukhon Somporn in Thailand' and 'Sukhon Reloaded'

Rare items were added as a bonus for playing the game multiple times, so are extremely hard to find, likely will require multiple game play-throughs, and still appear mostly at random. Rare Items are permanent, and will not be erased if you erase your game on the start screen. ( They will be gone if the browser or windows deletes your savefiles, so back-up your savefile ) Instead, they will re-appear in the Market after you buy the item in front of it. Also, any Rare items your hired women find (in Sukhon Reloaded Only) will transfer to Sukhon when you erase the game as well.

Rare Items likely will not benefit you when you find them, but rather in future play-throughs, giving bonuses to Sukhon when she is just starting out. Below are some details on each Rare item. Trigger means what you must do during a sex-event to unlock the rare. Chance is how likely it is to unlock. Benefit is what you get once it is unlocked, purchased and equipped.

Cell Phone:

Trigger: when a Client appears.

Chance: 1/300 or 0.333%.

Cost: 600 Upgrade point. Reduced to 60 if purchased in previous game.

Benefit: Once each day, it will automatically call a client if you can't find a customer that hour.

Cow Bell:

Trigger: Each time you have gangbang sex.

Chance: 1/300 or 0.333%.

Cost: 650 Upgrade points. Reduced to 65 if purchased in previous game.

Benefit: Will change all sex offers into gangbangs.


Trigger: When you change any clothing item, but only once per customer.

Chance: 1/500 or 0.2%.

Cost: 450 Upgrade points. Reduced to 45 if purchased in previous game.

Benefit: Will keep your Freshness at 100% all day long.

Makeup Kit:

Trigger: Every hour you are wearing makeup.

Chance: 1/500 or 0.2%.

Cost: 550 Upgrade points. Reduced to 55 if purchased in previous game.

Benefit: Will re-apply your selected makeup style, including all bonuses, every day for free.

--- Below are new Rares only in Sukhon Reloaded. Added in ver.1.36 ---

Fox Tail:

Trigger: Each time you have any back-sex.

Chance: 1/400 or 0.25%.

Cost: 500 Upgrade points. Reduced to 50 if purchased in previous game.

Benefit: Will change back-sex offers into pussy-sex with internal cumshot AND give +25% pregnancy chance.


Trigger: Each time you have any oral sex.

Chance: 1/500 or 0.2%.

Cost: 400 Upgrade points. Reduced to 40 if purchased in previous game.

Benefit: 25% Confidence bonus.


nice, but will there be any updates for that game like any new sex scenes like a cowgirl,titsjob,
missionary, or anything else like a new customer like a dickgirl with her own special sex scene or something?

No. The entire game is built around the one sex position. It cannot be changed.
However, there were 3 futa customers types added in v.1.34 and a back-view feature added in v.1.36

@mater8 @SlingBang I see but how do ya get the futa customer or is there any option about it and will there be anymore stuff about it

Everything after v.1.20 is in the Patrons-Only version. Once I finish all the planned add-ons (perhaps v.1.40) I could release it online, but it seems kinda pointless since Flash is basically dead and my games won't work in Ruffle, so no one can even play them online...

@SlingBang why not just make them download so people can download it on f95zone and there problem solved

Right, the patrons-only version is downloadable and playable offline with the provided flash-player. I will check out f95zone and see if it is a good fit for my games.

@mater8 @SlingBang it shoude be trust me