March 2017

2017-03-09 11:19:23 by SlingBang

Thanks to some good advice form Jaxxxs and LewdPooh, I tried RPG Maker VX. Since the program does all the game work for you I only had to draw the art, and consequently, after 1 month I have 3 functioning sex events already. The downside is the maps and sprites look the same for ever RPG Maker game (as seen below), but I will look into replacing them with my own art (months of work) in any 'serious' future release.


I'm thinking about releasing a fun 'test' project once I have enough scenes for a functioning storyline. One improvement is the ease of using multiple layers and choice-paths to create different clothing and sex activities. I will show a few screenshots here:

You can undress the actors in the scene by using your Seduction Points (MP). Energy (HP) decreases from sex.


Multiple layers (16 used so far) allow user-customizable clothing/sex options.


Body sizes are also cutomizable. Here the bum size is large and breast size is medium. 


That's it for now. Depending on work and school it'll be a few months before I release this next project.


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2017-03-10 18:00:28

Looks good, I'm definitely excited for it

(Updated ) SlingBang responds:

I'm hoping to complete it over the summer vacation. :D

Much less time than my other games took.


2017-04-25 23:56:21

I didn't know you could titfuck with a shirt on

SlingBang responds:

:) Well, you can... but it might not be the best feeling...

In this game I am trying to have a range of options. I have currently coded the shirt off, as well as clothes for the male. I've also finished 5 scenes at this point. I'll be quite busy for the next 2 months but should have this game finished over the summer break.


2017-05-07 02:01:35

will it be animated?

(Updated ) SlingBang responds:

Currently, I haven't found a good way to do full-screen animation in RPG Maker, so I just have sequential pictures. The diversity is in the facial expressions, clothing and body size layers.

Also, I'll be fully occupied with school until July-August, so will get back at this game then.


2017-06-09 10:12:50

Now we're talkin'!

Lookin forward to yet another Slingbang Masterpiece!

SlingBang responds:

I'm really impressed with RPG Maker. It eliminates all the basic programming but still allows scripting for personalization. So, I can focus predominantly on mapping and art.

I'm building this short game: Harlot's Path, to learn the RPG Maker program and will hopefully use it to continue the Blue Bonnet storyline later.