August 2017

2017-07-30 08:55:39 by SlingBang

Schools out... for one month anyways! I'll be back in September so I MUST release the game by then. Things are generally progressing well, except my scanner stopped working, so I have the next 2 sex scenes drawn but can't finish them until I resolve the scanner issues. It takes about a week of evenings to finish each scene, so still acheivable. I've drawn the scenes as I write the story, so the further along in the game, the better the art and more options available for clothing/addons, during each scene. So, I'm trying to add in more details in the earlier scenes. I'm thinking about having more options unlock in the early scenes after you advance to a higher level, find a new sex scene, or get new outfits.

Most of the work was coding, layer placements, and minor art modifications so nothing new to show, but I will include one picture here for fun.

This is the 3rd or 4th event you can unlock, censored because on my main page. I've added in the concept that the sex events change based on how much seduction you have/use. Sometimes the activity changes and other times it is cancelled altogether.



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