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September 2017

2017-08-29 20:07:08 by SlingBang

Harlot's Path is finished:


I'm play-testing it currently. Likely will release it once school starts again, second week in September or so. There are 6 completed sex scenes to find as you progress through the 3+ hour game, and one more 'Ending' scene I will have to add later. Each scene can be replayed multiple times with more clothing layers removed and different cumshot options as you gain more Sex XP and rise in levels. In fact, one of the later sex events has Seven different cumshot locations! Leveling Up is from Sex. There are no battles or pointless dungeons in the game so no time is spent fighting trash-mobs. You just talk to people, solve problems, and have sex. I will continue to add more cumshots locations and POSSIBLY different clothing options or accesories over the next few months. For fun, I made a promo screen showing some of the different clothing options and cumshots available:


August 2017

2017-07-30 08:55:39 by SlingBang

Schools out... for one month anyways! I'll be back in September so I MUST release the game by then. Things are generally progressing well, except my scanner stopped working, so I have the next 2 sex scenes drawn but can't finish them until I resolve the scanner issues. It takes about a week of evenings to finish each scene, so still acheivable. I've drawn the scenes as I write the story, so the further along in the game, the better the art and more options available for clothing/addons, during each scene. So, I'm trying to add in more details in the earlier scenes. I'm thinking about having more options unlock in the early scenes after you advance to a higher level, find a new sex scene, or get new outfits.

Most of the work was coding, layer placements, and minor art modifications so nothing new to show, but I will include one picture here for fun.

This is the 3rd or 4th event you can unlock, censored because on my main page. I've added in the concept that the sex events change based on how much seduction you have/use. Sometimes the activity changes and other times it is cancelled altogether.


March 2017

2017-03-09 11:19:23 by SlingBang

Thanks to some good advice form Jaxxxs and LewdPooh, I tried RPG Maker VX. Since the program does all the game work for you I only had to draw the art, and consequently, after 1 month I have 3 functioning sex events already. The downside is the maps and sprites look the same for ever RPG Maker game (as seen below), but I will look into replacing them with my own art (months of work) in any 'serious' future release.


I'm thinking about releasing a fun 'test' project once I have enough scenes for a functioning storyline. One improvement is the ease of using multiple layers and choice-paths to create different clothing and sex activities. I will show a few screenshots here:

You can undress the actors in the scene by using your Seduction Points (MP). Energy (HP) decreases from sex.


Multiple layers (16 used so far) allow user-customizable clothing/sex options.


Body sizes are also cutomizable. Here the bum size is large and breast size is medium. 


That's it for now. Depending on work and school it'll be a few months before I release this next project.

January 2017

2016-12-24 14:26:07 by SlingBang

Year End: Xmas, New Year's Update: I'll keep adding to this post until January 1...

So, since BBD is half done already, I was looking though some of the 20 pics already finished and was rather disappointed by the inconsistent quality, since they are up to 3 years old. I made a collage so you can see below:


On top of that the programming is such a mess, I can't build BBD ontop of the BBC code. I'll have to start from the beginning again. I might get motivated to do all the art and programming over again but right now I don't even want to bother fixing/finishing the Brothel beach girls, and Sofie in BBC. Hundreds of hours of work left and it's not even good quality...

Besides, I already started another game this week which is much more fun to work on. It's an automatic map-generator. The coding was just beyond my level so it was a great challenge and satisfying to complete. I'm hoping I can code in a random NPC and quest generator as well. My final goal being to have a RPG-style game that is different each playthrough. If possible, I will even try randomizing the obligitory sex scenes, likely with variety in hair, faces, clothes, accessories, possible even breast and hip sizes. That will be the last step however so the art doesn't become out of date like BBD.

Anyways, while(BBC == depressing) makegame(autoRpg);



December 2016

2016-12-04 19:54:40 by SlingBang

So, School is nearly over. 2 more weeks of exams and final assignments but then I'll have 2 weeks to draw more art for BBC. I am hoping to get the 2 beach girls finished as well as some preview girls from the next chapter. The 2 update times will be Xmas and New Years. 

I also 'should' finish the Sofie sex animation and then include the sausage to unlock it... but the time required to create animations is easily 5 times more than drawing sequential story illustrations (SSI) like used for Heidi or the Mayor's wife, so... we'll see if I get to it. I also 'should' find the bugs in the brothel animations an add them back in as well... At this point I am pretty sick of the ridiculous amount of work put into the animations and the poor quality I got back from them. I am very likely NOT going to have any sex scene animations in the next chapter, BBD. SSI can be separated into layers so still provide multiple choices and paths. They do increase the file size quickly so I'll have to see what I can do about that...

On a side note: I was wondering why BBC wasn't reporting any statistics since I released the game. After 2 weeks, I finally figured it out. I was using the api key from BBB by accident. I must have copied it down incorrectly since they have similar names. I figured it out when I noticed that BBB was getting 2500 more plays each day than usual... Sigh... I've fixed the problem now but it only works if people reload their game file. So, any website that transferred the game over already won't ever update the file and will continue showing plays on BBB instead of BBC. Anyways, at least I can still figure out the totals from both data streams...

Note: I will add in some bonus art here around Dec 25th.

November 2016

2016-10-31 11:15:13 by SlingBang

BBC is finished but sadly I have to delay its release for 2 weeks for final testing and bug squashing.

I contemplated releasing it now and just disabling the buggy parts until they're fixed but decided to wait until the game is working properly. The main reason being few will care if the game is delayed but many will care if sections are broken or disabled. 

Sorry for the delay...

I uploaded some art that didn't make it into the game as a consolation. These still images below were cut when I upgraded the sex scene to an animated version.



October 2016

2016-09-28 17:22:54 by SlingBang

Welp, Im back in school, this time taking programming, so have even less free time but I am still hopeful I can finish BB2 by November 1. The game itself should be finished in time, with one fully finished animated sex scene, and a bunch of other ones with sequential drawings. I will add more to the game over the next 6+ months, similar to Sukhon Somporn.

One difference will be due to my extremely limited time, I will be setting donation goals on Patreon to decide which sex scenes I animate. There are 15+ sex events in the game and it would take me years to animate them all at my current time availability, so Patrons can post which sex event they want animated and once I reach the donation amount, I will choose the most popular one. The goals will be set by TOTAL donations over all time, not monthly or otherwise. This means when the total donations I recieve, over ALL time, passes $400 I will take time off from my day-job to finish and upload another animation (or whatever is requested) and again once total donations surpass $800, continuning in this fashion... Pricing is loosely based on a minimum of 25~40hrs work to draw and code the animated sex scenes. (The exact pricing will be finalized and posted on Patreon when the game is released) If no one donates, don't worry. I will just take that to mean it's not important to gamers to have animated sex scenes and will work more shifts at my day-job instead. I will still fix bugs and update the game as I always have in the past, as well as complete the subsequent chapters, albeit more slowly. I will be releasing hopefully 3 more chapters in the Blue Bonnet series, maybe yearly, before this storyline is completed.

Here is a finished battle scene from the Final Boss battle:


August 2016

2016-08-07 18:09:47 by SlingBang

November 1, 2016 is the release date for Blue Bonnet Continues, the sequel to Blue Bonnet Begins. This game was originally 400% larger than BBB so I broke it down into 4 chapters to be able to finish it in a reasonable time. BBC is the next chapter and the game coding is 95% finished. I am spending my free time in July and August creating the Adult artwork. I have 5 women sex scenes drawn, and one fully animated. I might not have time to animate all 5 scenes and will have static images in that case. September will be spent finishing the game code and misc art. October will be reserved for testing the game and it will be released on Nov. 1 no matter what. 

I will keep updating the game after November, likely for 6 months, full time. This will include finishing any animations,  player suggestions, and game bugs. Starting in May 2017 I will switch to full-time work on Blue Bonnet Develops, the next chapter (Which is already about 25% finished). 

So, here is a quick few screenshots from the sex scene. Explicit content is censored since this is on my main page. You can see the uncensored image on my Patreon site as it is NSFW hidden (apparently? idk)



June 2016

2016-06-01 14:47:34 by SlingBang

Working on Blue Bonnet RPG is tiring and mostly readjusting storylines, programming, and character art, so nothing much to show. I will include a screen shot just to give an idea... This is an animated scene with Heidi, the town greeter. It is half-finished. You can see her pigtails and front hair bobs are not done yet. You can't see the mouth and eyelids are animated as well as the head moves and she breathes. So much work but hopefully it will be worth it. In general Blue Bonnet Chapter 2 is ready to play. The next few months is all animations and finishing artwork. It's kind of funny how 99% of the work on this game is not even Adult Content. Maybe I should just release it under 'M' rating so I can put advertising on it... Ah, I'm not doing it for the money, I'm doing it for the... the... Hmmm.... Why am I doing all this work? Best not to think about it too much!



So anyways, I was playing a tabletop RPG game called Mice and Mystics recently and drew some fan art. I have not drawn 'furry' art or really any animals at all before so the anatomy is likely wrong, and the setting is a cave so the shading was a nightmare. Seriously, I drew all 4 pics in one afternoon and have spent 2 weeks trying to get them colored -and they don't look good... I'll still put them up but I'm not too impressed with the first one. The second and third turned out much better... -contains Nudity, Pissing, Violence -contains Sex, Violence -contains Sex, Violence -contains Sex, Violence

April 2016 Update

2016-04-02 12:56:03 by SlingBang

Well, I spent the entire month drawing 4 new sex scenes for BB2 of 3 pages each, so 12 total. Basically, every hour of free time I had after work was used to Pencil, Ink, Scan and Color the art. On average it took me an hour to draw the art, another hour to ink and scan it... and 6 MORE to color it and get it to a completed online form... Rather crazy. I did learn that my maximum artistic output in a month (while working full-time) is 12 completed art pieces. I was feeling sad that I couldn't show yous any of them so I drew a few non-BB2 related ones! I found what I think was a humorous idea and have 5 ideas in this series, 4 pencilled, 2 scanned, and one completed as of April 1. I will spend the next 2 weeks completing them, and hopefully release a new one every half-week or so. Also, I included the non-text versions as well in case you just want the art... or hate the stories. :P

So here they are:

1. Poolside: Contains Nudity:

2. Office: Contains Nudity, Sex:

3. Couch: Contains Nudity, Sex:

4. Disco: Contains Nudity:

5. Fundraiser: Contains Sex:


Some other important news is that I am setting up a Patreon account for voluntary donations. I put much work into the games and art I create here and feel I have improved significantly since I started 3 years ago. Don't worry, I won't be making my games paid-access-only. I am just providing the option for people who want to support me and can afford to. I'll hopefully be done the Patreon page by the end of this month.

There will be some additional effects as well. (Hopefully...)

Firstly, I will be releasing more short games, my goal being to release a new game every 2~3 months, rather that one large game each year. I actually have 5 half-finished games that will likely be what I start with. Secondly, I will be producing illustrations on a more regular basis again. Perhaps one or 2 a month again. Thirdly, and tentatively, I will be breaking the Blue Bonnet RPG down into 'chapters' so I can release a new chapter every 6~9 months rather than every 3 years... This is hypothetical right now, depending on how easily it breaks down of course but if successful, it will mean BB chapters should arrieve once a year. It also means that many of my planned features will NOT be ready for the next chapter, but there will be sex scenes obviously. Fourthly, if patrons indicate they want me to, I will begin updating Sukhon Somporn on a monthly basis again.

Mostly, these changes are to channel my creative output into directions people are interested in, so feel free to send me emails or post comments here on what you'd like to see or possible 'reward tiers' you'd be interested in.

Here's the work-in-progress link: